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Doctor Who World Tour – Sydney Q&A Highlights

“Trust no one.”

That ominous quote about Doctor Who series 8 from Peter Capaldi is going to have to remain a mystery for now.  It definitely gets your attention especially since the new Doctor is something of an unknown entity in terms of just what kind of person he is.  Judging by this new Doctor’s question to Clara in the trailer, “Am I a good man?” even he’s not sure.

The interview highlights begin with Jenna Coleman on stage without her traveling companion.  She talks about the secrecy surrounding her auditioning as Clara and how getting the part helped her realize that she had become a part of something that appeals to all age groups and people around the world.

Capaldi talks about his honest surprise and delight at being considered to play the Doctor.  Host Adam Spencer shows the audience a Who-themed drawing Capaldi made as a youngster and reads a letter he wrote to the Sunday Times that was published when Doctor Who was only 10 years old and Capaldi himself was just 15.  Capaldi goes on to tell about the day he and Matt Smith filmed the regeneration scene.  At the end, Smith hugged Capaldi and handed him a wristwatch he’d worn as the Doctor saying, “The TARDIS is yours.”

Jenna gives the audience her best Australian accent on request from a fan.  Then the pair are asked to sum up the new series in just a few words.  That’s when Capaldi gives that chilling three-word answer, “Trust no one.”

Catch the best bits from the Doctor Who World Tour fan event in Sydney, filmed on the 12th August in the State Theatre, hosted by Adam Spencer.

Doctor Who series eight premieres Saturday, August 23 with the episodeDeep Breath

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