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Intruders 101: Insider Interview with James Frain

The ratings for the premiere episode of BBC America’s new paranormal thriller Intruders was right up there with those of Orphan Black‘s series premiere and that’s a very good thing.  Between the ratings and the fact that the show is just outright good storytelling I think the network has got another hit on its hands.  All the characters have much more depth than you’d normally expect to find in a television show, and like onions the show has only just begun to peel back the first few layers.

One of the main catalysts for the story’s momentum is a single decision made by key Qui Reverti assassin/shepherd/land shark, Richard Shepherd (James Frain).  He’s been described as ruthless, but when faced with having to shoot a 9-year-old girl he couldn’t do it, even though he knew there was someone inside her besides herself.  That single act of mercy, of hesitation, will lead to a chain of events that will affect everyone in a very negative fashion.

Go inside Ep 1 of BBC AMERICA’s new paranormal thriller INTRUDERS with an Exclusive Interview with star JAMES FRAIN (True Blood):

“When Shepherd approaches Madison on the beach, he has some very good reasons that he needs to take this kid out, but he’s unable to pull the trigger when he’s faced with a 9-eyar-old girl. When he lets her go, that sets in motion a chain of consequences that will be very destructive for everyone else in the show…”

Intruders episode 2, And Here…You Must Listen, airs Saturday, August 30 at 10/9c right after Doctor Who on BBC America

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