Outlander: Lotte Verbeek Answers Your Questions!

Part 2 of today’s great Twitter Q&As! Lotte Verbeek, the mysterious Geillis Duncan, answered fan questions today:

Q What inspires you about Geillis?
A Great question! She is just always full of surprises, even for me. 🙂

Q Do you relate to your character in any way?
A I relate to Geillis in a lot of ways. Though she prolly goes a bit further and crosses more lines than I do!

Q Did you learn a lot about botany and medical skills, like Geillis uses it?
A Turned out I am naturally quite the herbalist!

8-11-14 geillis


Q So, who else is from another time… you?
A Hmmmmmm

Q What’s your idea of a perfect day?
A Yesterday! Beach, lovely conversations, sun!!

Q Have you spoken Dutch with Adhamh?
A Yes and he is great!!

Q Is the Geillis/Dougal story expanded on at all in the show? Do we see more than in the books?
A Ehm… what do you think, Graham McTavish?

Q Are you still often in the Netherlands?
A They always fly me through NL for Scotland from LA, so I am lucky!

Q How is your version of Geillis different than the character in the books? Or is she?
A Not sure; what do you guys think?? I am redder??

Q You are one of the most beautiful women in the world and I loved you in the Borgias! Time to check out Outlander. 🙂
A You’re sweet… thanks for watching!!

lotte borgias

Q Are you intrigued by the character Geillis becomes in future books? Could be fun?
A OMG can’t wait to see! Long road ahead and it will be a great adventure.

Q What scene was your favorite to film and why?
A One that hasn’t shown yet and may or may not be in the books??? #wouldlovetospoil #butcant

Q Did you find mastering the Scottish accent to be challenging?
A It is sooo fun! Had great help too and it provides an  extra way to transform #canisingmylinesinstead

Q Have you read all the books, knowing about your character’s future?
A Not yet!

Q Do you have a chance to give/incorporate your own perspective to the character of Geillis?
A Great question! I think we all naturally do that. But absolutely loving the character helps.

Q Did you get to collaborate with Terry (Dresbach) for your costumes?
A Absolutely! She is amazing cause I am just as stubborn as Geillis, like to wear things my own way. :-0

Q What is the moment you really ARE Geillis? Can you “turn into Geillis” at any given second o do you need costume?
A Have the #redshoes been featured yet? That’s #GD’s switch on button!

Q Why did you switch from dancing to acting?
A Actually acting was my first love. But I’m a mover too… got to do both later in season #spoiler? #tease

Q Did you have any particular influence on how you portrayed this clever charming mad woman?
A Hahaha! Producers were so incredibly generous and trusting, they just gave me all the freedom in the world!

Q What characteristics do you share/differ with Geillis?
A Passion, drive, belief for sure. Am personally less lethal though. 🙂

Q Does it take a long time to put on your Geillis costumes? Are they very heavy? They look like they are.
A There is a team to help us get dressed #luckyus but the wearing we have to do ourselves. Jeans are more comfy.

Q The costumes are amazing. You look gorgeous with them!
A Aw thanks so much! (Terry Dresbach) is amazing!!
Reply from Terry: Lovely girl.

EW 1-9-14 Geillis

Q How have the Netherlands responded to one of their own acting in a Scottish role?
A We are lucky to have Outlander as one of the first in the world! Like everywhere, there is a great fan base there.

Q Your character seems so nice and sweet so far.. are you prepared to go to the dark side?
A What do you mean…? #soinnocent

Q Do you think you share any of GD’s personality?
A So many!!!

Q Loved your debut as Geillis! What is your favorite part about playing her? #theysayimawitch
A Fanks!!! I love how ambiguous she is. Just like real life.

Q If you were a real witch, what would you use your power for?
A I would fly, potentially on a broom.

Q What’s next for you until Outlander season 2 begins production? Theater, movie, vacation???
A Am so lucky! Already shot another film and two more to come. Jay!

Q Who is your favorite artist/musician?
A Just discovered @LenaFayre. Album OKO. She is amazing!!!

Q What do you miss about Holland/home the most when you’re not here?
A My friends, family. En natuurlijk #hagelslagpuur #vlokkenPuur

Q No question… Just wanted to say that you are absolutely who I pictured as GD! So excited!!
A Aw thanks so much!!! Will tell her 🙂 #GD

Q How do you unwind at the end of a long day of shooting?
A A car ride’s back from the studio. Then sleepzz #longdays

Q If you were on the crew instead of the cast, what job would you most like to do? Least like to do?
A Good question! I’d direct.

Q What historical person would you like to have a drink with?
A Jeanne d’Arc.

Q How does it feel as a “Limburgs meisje” to get a role like that?
A It’s a great onor! And I do go back to Limburg every now and then hoor 🙂

Q What did you enjoy most about working in Scotland?
A If you see through the rain, it is the most raw, magnificently beautiful country you’ll ever see. Sunsets!

Q Which episode are you currently filming?
A I am wrapped! But they just started the last block (= 2 episodes).

Q Is it hard to think  “Dutch” at times? You must mainly  be speaking/thinking in English.
A I am rarely aware of switching languages,have been doing foreign films since I graduated, 6 years ago!

Q How many languages do you speak?
A 5 – Dutch, English, French, Italian, German. Oh, and Outlandish makes it 6. 🙂

Q What was your favorite costume to wear?
A Let’s see. There was ‘the monkey jacket,’ ‘the moth,’ ‘the raven’… can’t choose!

Q Are you always a hair twirler, or is that just a character trait?
A Hahah! One of the many things I have in common with #GD.

Q Wil you be in Holland for a premiere some time soon? Can we see you here?
A Possibly in Sept at the NFF for the premiere of #InJouwNaam #InYourName my last dutch movie.

Q If you could invite 5 non-show-biz guests to a dinner party, who would they be?
A My friends!

Q If Geillis had a spirit animal, what would it be?
A Hm… I’ll come back to that one!

Lotte Verbeek

Q What do you regret not having brought home from the set?
A There was defo a piece of prosthetics I regret not having taken home… #amiteasing

Q What is your favorite characteristic of Geillis?
A Can I pick 2? Playfulness and passion.

Q Thank you for being so generous with your time.
A My pleasure! So fun talking to all you guys/girls.

Q Has Outlander started showing on TVs in the Netherlands? If so, what’s been the viewer/reviewer response?
A Yes one of the first countries after the US! How has the response been  (asking @Outlander_NL) Have not been since…
Reply from @Outlander_NL: The response is great, everybody who’s been watching loves it! Great cast, great acting, love Geillis.

A Plans for the break? Rest? Work?
Q A bit of it all. More travels. Contemplating time travels. #wheretogo

Q Will we be seeing any face to face time between Geillis and Dougal? #wecandream You are fab and fun to watch!
A Good question! I have been asking the same! #surprisesahead



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