Outlander: Twitter Q&A with Graham McTavish

Today, two stars of Outlander did Q&A sessions on Twitter. Look for Lotte Verbeek’s Q&A here on threeifbyspace. Following is the transcription of Graham McTavish’s Q&A:

Q Is that actual wine or is the Rhenish on set just pink fizzy juice?
A Gary (Lewis, Colum Mackenzie) insists it’s real.

Q When will you come to Brazil?

Q What do you think about Dougal? Do you like him?
A He is complicated, but likeable.

Q Do you think you have learned anything from (Jamie) about how to melt a woman’s heart?
A I am in awe of his melting powers!

Q Is McTavish even your real name?
A Absolutely and proud of it!

Q Is it fun wearing a kilt?
A It’s the best!

7-13-14 dougal

Q Can I call you Scottish Santa?
A Depends if you’ve been naughty or nice…

Q What is the strangest thing a role required you to do?
A If I told you you wouldn’t believe me!

Q Is your beard the source of your power?
A The beard says “yes!”

Q Have you ever been injured on set?
A A few stitches here and there but nothing too bad, touch wood.

Q How much, if any, Gaelic did you know before Outlander?
A I owe it all to (Adhamh O’Broin).

Q Are there any more #ScotchTalk sessions planned? Favorite scotch?
A Yes, and too many to say

Q I always forgot to ask you WHAT you like to draw??
A People.

Q What’s your favorite part of the day?
A The sound of a cork popping…

Q Was there a role you preferred playing to the one you are playing now?
A I’ve been very lucky to play some very enjoyable roles.

Q Were you aware that McTavish is part of Clan Fraser?
A Really?

Q Do you have a family or clan tartan?
A Yes, McTavish and my grandmother was a Graham.

Q Any acting plans after filming this season of Outlander? Or just R&R?
A Announcement soon…

Q Which is scarier to run from? Smaug or Mark Hadlow?
A Mark is a VERY fast runner.

Q How long is a day of filming?
A It varies. Longest was 17 hours on the Hobbit one day…

Q You ride beautifully!
A Thank you.

Q Thoroughly enjoying #ScotchTalk. Will there be more of these adventures?
A Watch this space.


Q Can Caitriona Balfe really drink the boys under the table (or off the couch)?
A Both!

Q Who has the most retakes/bloopers?
A We’ve all had our fair share!

Q Besides whisky, what’s a drink you favor?
A Gin,Tequila, rum, IPA, wine, etc.

Q That means you drink almost everything that can burn.
A Er… yes.

Q Would you let Fili and Kili (dwarves from The Hobbit) ‘babysit’ your daughter?
A No 😉

Q What is your clan motto?
A Non Oblitus.

Q Has whisky ever gotten you into trouble?
A Too often…

Q Is there a place you’ve never been but that you really want to visit?
A South America.

Q What’s the best professional advice you ever got? Who gave it?
A Try not to point.

Q What is the most difficult Gaelic word for you?
A Ask (Adhamh).

Q How many episodes have you seen already?
A Six.

Q What is the most demanding part of filming Outlander?
A Getting a latte up a mountain.

Q Do you like playing bad guys or good guys better?
A All bad guys should have some good.

Q Do you have fun playing a dwarf?
A Yes, a lot of fun, with some great people.

Q Have you ever fell asleep on the set of the Hobbit?
A Boys? @BrownAds @StephenJHunter1 @BrophyJed

Reply: @BrownAds (Adam Brown) Never!

Q What have you enjoyed the most at the Outlander set?
A Scotland!

Q Describe Peter Jackson in one word.
A Hairy!

Q Best thing about being Dougal?
A Being entrusted with bringing him to life.

Q Best part about Dwalin’s costume/makeup?
A Mohawk!

dwarves 1

Q What reactions/emotions do you expect for fans while watching The Hobbit?
A The whole range…

Q Have you ever been to Mexico?
A Yes, loved it.

Q What is the most beautiful place in Scotland in your opinion?
A Too many to choose from.

Q What was your favorite scene to film in The Hobbit?
A That you’ve seen? The Barrels.

Q What is the most important quality a good leader should have?
A Compassion.

Q How many times have you tried to kill your nephew Jamie on the set?
A I’ve lost count.

Q Which of your Outlander costars has a hard time keeping a straight face during takes?
A Cait?

Q How would Dwalin feel wearing a kilt?
A He actually does wear one of sorts in the flashback.

Q How are you and Dougal similar? Differ?
A They both begin with D, and have 2 syllables! Spooky.

Q Are you voting yes or no for independence?
A Most definitely YES!!!

From Sam Heughan –
Q Who’s your favourite Scottish (fake-ginger) actor? And is that really your beard?
A Underneath that bald exterior lies a flowing mane of Gingerness.



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