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Sleepy Hollow at SDCC 2014: Tom Mison Scares Stunt Coordinators

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We got a few minutes to discuss Sleepy Hollow with Tom Mison where he explained that Ichabod Crane is the toughest role he’s played.  Trying to keep a balance between seriousness and comedy is a fine line they walk each week.  He’s doing a great job of balancing the two in his character and making Ichabod one of the best characters on television at the moment.

Mison also said his character will learn to drive a car in season two and during the course of filming a driving scene his proudest moment was making a stunt coordinator squeal.  Well done, sir.

He also said he doesn’t ad-lib his dialogue out of respect for the writers’ talents, but he does like to try and find ordinary items that someone from the 18th century would find fascinating and confusing.  Those little moments do add an extra layer of charm to Ichabod Crane.  Not that Tom Mison needs any help in being charming.

The second season of Sleepy Hollow premieres Monday, September 22 on FOX.

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