Carry On My Wayward Son: Supernatural, Season 10 Preview

I came for the story, I stayed for the sound track. This year marks the tenth season of the exploits of the Brothers Winchester in Supernatural.  Airs Tuesday, October 7 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on the C.W.


Season Nine ended with the demonic reanimation of Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles. A brilliant move by writers and director Jeremy Carver. For naysayers of this move or those wondering how this storyline will resolve allow me the freedom to speculate that this will give Dean perspective regarding his brother Sam. Sam Winchester, portrayed by Jared Padalecki, is the dark hero, the vilified brother who held the taint of demon seed, and who has literally been through Hell and back.


The relationship between Sam and his brother Dean has been the most contentious underlying theme throughout this series.   As a passive viewer the most difficult thing has been to watch the chasm between the brothers grow. Dean’s often sanctimonious attitude pokes at Sam’s vulnerable self assurance regarding his place in Dean’s life. Sam is the quintessential little brother ever seeking to meet and exceed the expectations and high moral standards of his big brother. And Dean is stuck with an ingrained and conditioned sense of responsibility regarding Sam.

I fluctuate between wanting to knock their fictional heads together and tell them to get over it and wishing they would just be done with each other.   In the end, my desire to see them attain more than stalemate as family wins time and again although that is not always the outcome.  But, I continue to watch and hope that the good within them both triumphs over the evil that would tear them apart.

I am eagerly anticipating the start of Season Ten and following the brothers as they journey on and hope that maybe they find their way back to a common path.

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