Gracepoint: New Fox TV Series Preview

Gracepoint is a new ten episode series coming to Fox TV this October. It is a cross-over show based off the UK series Broadchurch. A mystery set in a sleepy Northern California town, Gracepoint introduces us to Detective Emmett Carver, played by David Tennant, and Detective Ellie Miller who is portrayed by Anna Gunn.  The pair work to solve a murder of a child.


I am skeptical of cross over shows as the adapted program often pales in comparison to the original, but Gracepoint will diverge from the parent series in an ingenious twist, and will have a different ending from Broadchurch.

David Tennant, the lead role in Broadchurch, indicates that the creator of the series, Chris Chibnall, has taken into account the integrity of the show.

Popular shows like Kath and Kim, an Aussie favorite, tanked in the U.S. market when it was adapted for the North America audience. Some of these remakes of already popular shows exhibit a clear insult to the intelligence of the viewer as many of us are already quite fond of the original shows.

By choosing David, who by all rights is a versatile and skilled actor, it sets the tone of seriousness with which the viewer can relax and feel confident in choosing to watch this series. Third, it brings an established audience to the series, we are fans for a reason!


I love a good mystery and fingers crossed Fox has backed a winner in Gracepoint.

David Tennant stars along with Nick Nolte, Anna Gunn, Michael Peña and Jacki Weaver in the Chris Chibnall original series. Looking forward to seeing how this crime drama holds up in the American television lexicon. Gracepoint premieres on Fox TV in the USA and the Global Network in Canada on Thursday on October 2nd at 9 pm ET, and on the Universal Channel in Australia on Friday, October 3rd.

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