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Intruders 105 “The Shepherds and the Fox” Review – By Any Other Name

This episode opens with police entering Marcus’ old home and finding dozens of mummified bodies hidden under the basement floor. I couldn’t make out what most of them were, but it looks like each body was grasping an object. Each object was unique and had personal meaning to the person it was buried with. The final object we see is a strip of photos like you get from a photo booth. One of the people in it looks a lot like the elder Marcus Fox.

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When Frank (Robert Forster) visits Shepherd in his hotel room we learn that it was Frank who recruited the younger Shepherd into Qui Reverti. I’m curious if this means Richard Shepherd is on his “first life” and has never returned before? Perhaps shepherds don’t get the opportunity to return and only serve Qui Reverti in a single life. When Richard says the ability to return should belong to everyone and “it’s not just theirs” it makes it sound like he’s not part of the lifetime recycling program. He’s definitely not satisfied with the status quo.

As if we don’t have enough questions being juggled before us, Frank mentions in passing that Rose asked him to find someone and do it “way, way off” the books. He says no more about it, but asks Richard if he was the one who brought Marcus back. Richard denies it. Frank tells him to find whoever did and kill them, but mostly kill Marcus Fox. To death. A lot.

After the flashback to Richard’s meeting with elder Marcus I’m pretty sure he’s lying about not bringing him back. That’s kind of silly of me since with Intruders the only thing you can be sure of is when it airs. All other bets are off in this crazy show that loves to blindside you, then toss more questions at you. But hey, I’ve got to at least make some guesses, that’s half the fun of watching.

Random interjection: Jack drinks a lot, but always from small bottles. Why doesn’t he just buy larger bottles and a flask to fill? He could save money and make fewer trips to the liquor store. Weird things bug me and this is one of them.

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Amy calls Jack while he’s drinking from one of those fiscally irresponsible pint bottles of whiskey that seem to accompany him like Linus’ blanket. He’s in a cheap hotel, but lies and says he’s in the ritzy Le Soleil hotel. Moments later, he gets a call from an unknown number. It’s the enigmatic Rose who tells Jack he’s only alive because of Amy. He wants more answers and Rose tells him to be at pier 9 tomorrow at 10 am and menacingly finishes her conversation by revealing she knows exactly where he is.

There’s that number 9 again.

When Jack shows up at the pier in the morning, Frank arrives to not answer any of his questions. Frank is only there to kill the crap out of Jack, but Richard shows up and kills the elder shepherd in the nick of time. I guess Richard’s crisis of faith and distrust of his mentor are more extreme than he’d let on.

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The Madison/Marcus grudge match continues when he/she/they arrive at a house in Seattle that they recognize as home. Once inside, Madison calls her mother frantically begging her to come and get her. Once the owner of the house is on the line with mom, Marcus takes over and we see through flashes of memory that this is the home where all the bodies were hidden. A bloodied knife on the floor and a nine-year-old girl drinking whiskey in the shower leaves no doubt who’s in charge and what has occurred.

When Jack meets up with Gary at the Le Soleil hotel, what floor is his room on? Nine, of course. Gary tells him of the time he went to Bill Anderson’s house and personally experienced the effects of the engineer’s infrasound machine. The low-frequency vibrations gave him the ability to see an intruding soul in others. He discovers this ability when he looked at his infant daughter and saw someone else in her eyes.

Gary says the soul he saw was Donna’s, the young girl and former classmate of theirs who committed suicide back in 1990. He says it was Donna’s intruder who killed her body, but now Donna’s back to warn him about the Qui Reverti. I’d say this is speculation on Gary’s part or possibly a father’s way of trying to wrap his head around the fact that his infant daughter is essentially possessed.

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Richard may be a shepherd, but he’s also part bloodhound. He catches up with Marcus who’s enjoying a bit of post-murder reading in the house where he used to store corpses. We learn for certain that Richard did, in fact, help Marcus return, but he’s also having second thoughts about the deal. He should’ve never made a deal with an amoral psychopath like Marcus.

For a badass killer who dresses in all black, Richard can sure be a softy. For the second time he’s put off killing Marcus all because the old man in a child’s body puts on a “poor me, I’m just a kid” act. This buys Marcus enough time to steal Richard’s badass car which is all black, because that’s what all the badass killers are driving these days, and escape.

Back at Gary’s hotel room, he shows Jack all the information he’s gathered on Qui Reverti. He’s got papers strewn everywhere in his room and he knows a lot about the group. Gary says they believe everybody has 2 souls inside, but only the Qui Reverti know how to control entering another body. The rest of us live our entire lives without ever being aware that we’re not alone.

During their conversation, Gary mentions Rose is staying in a room directly across the hall from him. Jack goes out to listen at her door, but runs back to Gary’s room when he hears the elevator. As he watches through the peephole, Richard walks up to the door and knocks. When Rose answers, Jack recognized her immediately and we viewers learn just who’s gotten under Amy’s skin.

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Intruders episode 6, Bound, airs Saturday, September 27 at 10/9con BBC America

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