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Intruders 106 “Bound” – Promo Video

In next week’s Intruders episode, Bound, the police find the results of Marcus’ knife skills and Jack finds Amy/Rose’s “Book of 9” plus a few other goodies.  It looks like his police past is coming back to haunt him and he has to literally come to grips with his pistol once again.  What we’re not shown is why he’s holding the gun, but since he’s digging deep into the Qui Reverti mystery trouble was bound to come looking for him.

From the episode description it looks like Jack’s going to find out about the Rose/Amy connection.  Though like everything in Intruders, there’s going to be a lot more to this story than expected.  I have absolutely no problem with that.

This week, Rose confronts Jack (JOHN SIMM, Doctor Who) to explain the cause of Amy (MIRA SORVINO, Mighty Aphrodite)’s recent strange behavior. Amy’s past – one which she has worked so hard to suppress and deny – has come back to haunt her and the only way to protect Jack may hurt him the most. 

Meanwhile, Richard (JAMES FRAIN) discovers a secret about Rose that could destroy her ascent onto The Nine. Shepherd himself is skating on thin ice as Madison (MILLIE BROWN, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) continues to evade his grasp.

Intruders episode 6, Bound, airs Saturday, September 27 at 10/9con BBC America

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