Outlander: Caitriona Answers Your Q’s on Twitter!

Caitriona Balfe chatted with fans today on Twitter, from a train station, at the same time as Sam Heughan. Please go read Sam’s Q&A when you’re done here!

Q So Outlander is fantasic, and I’m extremely glad to have had the pleasure of being the lovely Caitriona’s neighbor for a few years.
A hey…!!! And a wonderful cat sitter! So nice to hear from you. Say hi to our mom from me xx

Q Practical suggestion: Q&A hashtag for tomorrow should be amended to #AskHungoverOutlander.
A Haha exactly.
Terry: You off, Lovely?

Q FROM SAM: I “may” be in a pub…”
A My destination aside, I think you win this round. I’d rather be in the pub!! #hairofthedog

Q How do you deal with bullies and people who bring you down?
A It’s small people that put others down to make themselves feel better. Focus on what brings you happiness. It does…

Q What was the most important lesson you learned in shooting s1 that you’d carry over to s2?
A That  it’s possible!! That seeing the response makes any hard day worth it!!

Q What was the first scene you shot?
A First scene I shot was the field hospital in WW2. Epic beginning.

Q Which scene from the book was your screen test with each other?
A One was the scene where Jamie falls off the horse. And the 2nd was the “was it like you thought it would be” Ep 7.

Q What is your greatest joy in life right now?
A Knowing that tomorrow I will be on a beach!

Q Favourite piece of clothing from the set?
A My nightgown from Ep 1.

Q What will you do now that you have finished filming Outlander?
A Sleep!!!

Q Does the break include vacay or is Outlander promo still on deck?
A First vacay, then see what they spring on us. 😉


Q Tolkien… yes or no?

Q Do you collect anything?
A I have a few snow globes (that weird??)

Q Who in the cast would fill up a blooper reel the fastest?
A As we saw last night. That would be me!!!

Q Any plans to visit Australia?
A I would love to!

Q Have you already been in Italy?
A Yes I used to spend lots of time there. Love it!!

Q What were your first impressions of each other? Was the chemistry instantaneous?
A That he was incredibly sweet. And tall.

Q Tobias plays your lover and your enemy. Do you prefer acting with the 20th or 18th century Randall?
A The scene with Black Jack are usually great meaty scenes so love them from an acting standpoint. But the ’40s was just so romantic.

Q Re your hair. Will you revert back to your pre-Outlander style and color during hiatus?
A Well will take a while for the perm to grow out but yes will be nice to have my own hair again.

Q What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you, paranormal or otherwise?
A Once had a ghost experience in Japan. That was  scary.

Q How is it to kiss Sam on almost a daily basis on set?
A From Sam: Yes, how is it Cait???
A Eh…it’s okay I suppose. Good thing he has a penchant for fruity lipbalms.


Q Have you been injured on set?
A A few bruises. I did manage to injure Sam sewing him.

Q So how much real alcohol did you drink before filming the wedding episode? You both did a brilliant job!
A Don’t think any!

Q I’ve been asked by the adorable blonde haired toddler next to me what is your cat’s name?
A Eddie.

Q Gulty pleasures?
A Real Housewives of New York and Beverly Hills.

Q Favorite between scenes pastime?

Q Favorite fashions? 1940s or 1740s?
A 1940s.

Q Be honest, how uncomfortable/comfortable are the corsets?
A Not too bad. I’m used to them.

Q How in the world do you see these questions? There are thousands of them!
A Not doing a very good job. But trying. Keep forgetting the hashtag. Whoops.

Q Are the actors who play Rupert and Angus as funny off camera as they are on?
A They are funny and very cool. Steven is also a talented musician too!

Q Think you could legitimately make it in the 1740s?
A Nope… for starters, how would Sam live without his hair product?

Q Have you been to France?
A Yes I lived in Paris for two years and the French Alps for a season.

Q Favorite city to visit in the US?
A New York. New Orleans a close second. Anywhere New. 😉

Q Have you eaten haggis?
A Oh yes.

Q Do you sing in the shower?
A Sam always sings in the shower :-(((

Q to SAM: Cait says you sing in the shower. Favorite shower song?

A from SAM: In the shower but not at Karaoke.
Q How does she know that????
A SAM: We shower together.

Q So cheeky! I hope she smacked you for that.
A It’s the only way we can be sure he has showered. #smellyboy

Q How much will you miss each other during hiatus? Be honest… LOL
A Well I’ll be enjoying the peace and quiet for a change!! But yeah maybe a little.

Q What’s your favorite scene? Why?
A So many hard to  choose but the wedding was special.

Q Catwalk or screen?
A Screen all the way!

Q Wha tpercentage of stunts do you do yourself?
A As much as they will let me do. And then I have an amazing stunt double called Annabelle who does the rest.

Q Do you think you will miss anything from your pre-Outlander lives? How has it changed you?
A So far it’s only been good things.

Q Worst weather conditions you had to shoot in?
A The Highlander cottage night. Freezing and wet and very muddy. Or the scene with Horrocks next week.

Q What’s been the funniest thing to happen during filming?
A Probably when I tried to sew Sam for real.

Q I had heard you are leaving the show after the first season. Is that true?
A Not unless they have secret plans to fire me. ;-((
Maril Davis: Absolutely not!

Q What actor do you want to work with?
A So many but dreams… Cate Blanchett and Javier Bardem.

Q from Maril: Lest anyone think Sam is a faster typist than Cait, Cait’s having internet issues.
A He’s just so much better at EVERYTHING. Jeez… Bloody King of Men (hehe)

And just a little extra, since people are asking Cait questions: This travel interview appeared in some newspapers last Sunday! I caught it quite by accident.

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