Supernatural: Preview – Meet the New Boss… No, No Wait, Wrong Episode

It looks as though Dean has a new employer for the start of Season Ten. A power play Crowley had been waiting for, possession of one if not both of the Winchester brothers.  We viewers are in for a roller coaster ride of conflicting emotions, and we will love every minute of it.

16 - Crowley on left

Crowley, the King of Hell and our favorite demon, well, my favorite demon, has a softness about him that makes you forget he is evil.   Mark Sheppard does a magnificent job in crafting a character who embodies what true evil really is, that being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The accent does not hurt either.

For those who have been following Supernatural since the beginning the addition of Crowley was pure poetry. The witty repartee that helps to lighten such a serious story line is exactly what Crowley delivers.

He is smarter than the average demon. His evil is served up coated in good intentions and tasty promises. He succeeds where Abaddon fails. She is anger and dominance and greed where as Crowley, he is seduction, and compromise. Those who rule by fear are easy to hate, but those who rule by coercion are able to lead even those with a pure heart astray.


I look forward to Season Ten’s interactions between Dean and Crowley. Dean, Dean, Dean once so strong and righteous now a partner in crime to that which he strove to vanquish.  Crowley has his Squirrel but will Moose save him before this Boris Badenov can fully morph Dean? Stay tuned for more adventures.


As for the Old Boss, here I would place the ever absent figure of God. At one point I speculated that Bobby Singer was God in disguise. That would have been a trippy and savvy move however it was not to be. Bobby gave the brothers room to grow, to learn and to accept one another; he had a greater knowledge of the darkness and how to stop it than any other hunter.


His salt of the earth demeanor lent itself to the possibility that indeed he could have been more than just Bobby Singer, hunter extraordinaire. If you ask me this is still a viable plot twist – hint, hint, hint.  Don’t make me think y’all are idjits.

We have seen God’s army, His angels, fighting amongst themselves to restore order to Heaven. I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I am pretty certain it is getting close to time that the Creator reveals himself.  Sam and Dean started this journey on the side of good. I can only hope this is how they continue. Perhaps, it is time to take on the subject of why God is on hiatus.


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