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Ascension – First Images From Episode 101-102

Just as I was bemoaning the lack of promotion for the show, Syfy goes and releases ten images from the first two hours of Ascension, their recently-delayed space opera event.  I’ve been overly excited about this show since I first heard about it and the pictures make me want it now.  Right frakking now.

Obviously, there’s nothing I can do to move up the timetable.  I mean, I have no sway over the networks and they’ve just moved the premiere back from November 24 to December 15, so I have no chance at all to get it now.  But I want it.

Let’s just hope that this pile of pictures is just the tip of a promotional iceberg that’s about to smack us in the face.  It’s about time we got some Ascension goodies.  Hey Syfy, how about some sneak peek videos next?

For everything we’ve got on Ascension (which is pretty much everything that’s out there), CLICK HERE.  Also, click the links below.  Links don’t click themselves.

Ascension NOW premieres December 15 on Syfy

Ascension Official Website

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