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Doctor Who 809 “Flatline” – 2nd Trailer and Image Gallery

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“I’m the new Doctor … and you can call me Clara.”

The Doctor’s trapped and Clara’s on her own, but at least she’s got the sonic screwdriver.  Wait.  Does she know how to use the sonic?  If she does, how and when did she learn?  This should be interesting.

Give the photo gallery a look for some peeks into the episode.  You don’t want to miss the tiny TARDIS.  I think the tiny TARDIS is a bad idea because every other kid on the planet, and half their parents, are going to want one for Christmas.

This week, separated from the Doctor (PETER CAPALDI), Clara (JENNA COLEMAN) discovers a new menace from another dimension.

But how do you hide when even the walls are no protection?

With people to save and the Doctor trapped, Clara comes up against an enemy that exists beyond human perception.

Doctor Who: Flatline airs Saturday, October 18 at 9/8c on BBC America

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