Grimm - Season 4

Grimm Review – Octopus Head

We have to start with the biggest news – RENARD LIVES! His momma, Elizabeth, showed up just in time to save him – although that snake cure was pretty creepy. Now, I have to admit that I was really skeptical of him being killed off – there’s just a lot more for him to do as a character, and it really didn’t make any sense for him to die at this point in the storyline. The Resistance, the Royals, his and Adalind’s daughter (although I still want to know how they know it’s his child and not Eric’s – that’s never been addressed and it bothers me), Nick and their kinda-sorta-partnership, the keys… Sean Renard is definitely not done yet!

Grimm - Season 4Overall, this is a better episode than last week’s premiere. It had its rough spots – I wasn’t fond of the predictable part of Trubel being told what to do, disobeying, and ending up in serious trouble (pun intended) – although I admit it was an interesting and unexpected way to defeat the Gedächtnis Esser! Who knew that a Grimm’s thoughts were so powerful?

Grimm - Season 4But I love the fact that Sgt. Wu is investigating further after seeing Aunt Marie’s Grimm book in Trubel’s room. The awkward conversation with Hank was so perfect! I wonder what he’ll try next – talk to Hank again, or talk to Nick again? Maybe even try to talk to Trubel? I think they’re going to have to tell him the truth soon, and I really don’t think he’s going to take it well. I hope it won’t lead to another stint in the psychiatric hospital…

Grimm - Season 4Oh, Adalind. This is what happens when you trust a Royal, even a little bit. Now our favorite (but she might have some new competition) Hexenbiest is caught in a dungeon she can’t escape from, she knows that Viktor doesn’t have her baby, and she’s having some weird visions and painful headaches. I bet she’s really regretting what she did to Nick now… and that she’s even more pissed off at Renard – although when Viktor told her he was barely hanging on, she did seem upset, didn’t she? Has she learned to care about more than herself and Diana? Curious…

Grimm - Season 4Speaking of Nick, he seems to be managing okay as a human again – although he clearly doesn’t like it. Or does he? Juliette’s visit to the spice shop and her chat with Monroe and Rosalee about a cure seems more about what she wants than what Nick wants. I think they’re right to keep looking for answers, especially after the nasty headache-and-vision Nick unknowingly shared with Adalind. What else might they soon be sharing due to that spell??

Grimm - Season 4Special Agent Chavez, a Steinadler, has realized that someone in Portland has to be a Grimm, and after Nick fails the woge test, she knows it must be Trubel. So now she’s kidnapped Trubel – but to what end?? We’ll find out more next week!!

Grimm - Season 4

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