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Outlander: Our Top Moments, So Far!

This was nearly an impossible task, trying to find just the top moments in a so-far excellent beginning to Outlander. So I recruited the help of some good friends, all die-hard Outlander fans, and we came up with several we thought stood out in an outstanding series. I’ve dubbed my consultants The Outlander Advisory Board, which consists of Diana T., Susy S., Alyson B., Donna C., Koko P., Laura M., and Lisamarie J. (I decided not to ask the hubby, Kevin C., because I would have gotten “Eh, I don’t know,” and “when she took off her clothes?”) They worked long and hard to come up with these. After you’ve gone through them, take a minute and tell us your favorite!

And so, in episode order, here are the Advisory Board – and my own – top moments of the first half of Season 1:

From Sassenach:

  • Seeing Jamie for the very first time in the cottage. I had been on the fence about Sam – but from the very first scene, I knew he was going to be perfect. (Erin and Lisamarie)


  • When Claire is trying to tell the clansmen that she needs iodine, merthiolate, ALCOHOL! “They just look at her like she’s crazy, not to mention the foul language she uses, and their reaction to it – ‘I’ve never heard a woman use such language in my life.'” And when he gets up, this is the first time he calls her Sassenach. (Susy, Alyson and Erin)
  • The druid dancing. So beautiful! And Bear McCreary’s music in this scene – as it has been consistently in every episode – is perfect, evocative, and emotional. And perfectly used (I have trouble with TV shows leading viewers by the nose through their use of music – ahem, 24).


From Castle Leoch:

  • The first time we see “Claire Hair,” when Mrs. Fitz wakes her up, lets her have a sip of soup, and then yanks it away. And the dressing scene that follows was hysterical. (Laura, Alyson and Erin)


  • When Claire is tending Jamie’s shoulder by the fire. “So beautifully filmed. I watch that scene and feel like a fortune teller, for I know what’s in store for these two strangers.” “You need not be scairt of me, or of anyone else, as long as you’re with me.” Sigh… (Diana, Alyson and Lisamarie)


From The Way Out:

  • Jamie at the Black Kirk, when he tells her he’s an educated man. (Diana and Susy)


From The Gathering:

  • Watching Angus down Claire’s Port, and the way he says it back to her. (Erin)
  • Diana and Ron’s cameos – it was great to see them both involved! And something Diana said recently made it sound like she’d be open to doing it again – she suggested that maybe Mr. McTavish (her character’s husband, not Jamie’s alter ego) take her on a trip to France in Season 2!


  • When Claire gives Laoghaire the horse dung and tells her to “tap your heels three times and say, ‘There’s no place like love.'” (Alyson)
  • How beautifully Claire helps Geordie die in peace. (Alyson)
  • And who could not include the Shinty game! Men, sticks and a ball… (Erin)


From Rent:

  • When Angus and Dougal tell Lt. Foster to “feck off”, and how Angus’ eyebrows took on a life of their own. (Koko)
  • The wool waulking. “It’s really cool and fun to see and listen to.” (Alyson and Erin)


  • How the clansmen fight for Claire’s honor. “When she’s fixing them up and they are all wincing and telling her where they hurt, very funny.” (Alyson)


  • Claire’s comment to Rupert, that his left hand is jealous of his right. (Alyson)


From The Garrison Commander:

  •  BJR standing in the doorway kicking his shoes on the door jamb and flapping his coat. “It’s so childish.” (Alyson)


  • Dougal telling Claire that he’d like to grind her corn. (Koko)
  • “Do you mind that I’m not a virgin?” “No, as long as you don’t mind that I am.” The whole scene is so sweet! (Laura, Alyson and Erin)


From The Wedding:

  • “To bed… or to sleep?” And then Jamie undressing Claire, especially removing the ribbon from her neck. “He seemed so innocent/nervous to me. Sam did a great job portraying Jamie’s uneasiness with the moment. He wasn’t quite sure what to do,” Susy said. (Erin, Susy and Koko)


  •  Willie facing down the uncooperative priest. Dougal believes in letting his men handle issues themselves! (Koko)
  • Jamie telling Claire about the “three conditions,” and the resulting “Take your shirt off.” Then Claire walks around Jamie, and we get to see his fine… acting. (Laura, Diana and Erin)


  • When Jamie sees Claire for the first time in her wedding dress, and “James… Alexander… Malcolm… McKenzie… Fraser.” Melt… (Alyson and Erin)


  • Murtagh talking about Ellen’s smile. Still waters run deep, indeed. (Alyson and Erin)


From Both Sides Now:

  • When Frank and Claire were both at the stones at the same time. “It really messed with my emotions!” Alyson adds, “The way Tobias plays Frank, he’s so devastated.”  (Laura and Alyson)


  • When Claire and Black Jack are discussing the Duke of Sandringham, and she ties his cravat for him, subtly threatening him as she goes, attempting to bluff, and then getting called on it. “I was screaming at Claire through the TV, ‘Don’t fall for it! Don’t believe a word he says!’ Stealing a quote from Mae West (well sort of anyway), when Tobias plays good Frank, he’s very good, but when he plays bad BJR, he’s even better!!” (Susy)
  • Wee Roger! If you haven’t read the books, you’re probably mystified by the sudden appearance of this sweet child, but he grows up to be a major character, and some of us love him dearly. (Alyson and Erin)


From all of them:

  • Rupert and Angus in anything. Especially the 18th century “That’s what she said.” (several of us)


You’ve seen our favorite moments. I realize there were tons of others that could have been included – Mrs. Graham reading Claire’s tea leaves, the ghost outside the B&B, Jamie giving Claire the pearls. But we can’t put them all down! So what were yours? Leave a comment and tell me!

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