Supernatural: Review Episode 4 Season 10 Paper Moon or Back in the Saddle Again

The boys are feeling their way back to normal in this episode.   Small towns, seedy bars, and unexplained murders that make the local police question their own sanity, and willingly hand the case over to strange new detectives in town. Yep, we are back on track.

paper-moon-630x313This week Dean and Sam set out to sort out trouble in Durham, Washington. They run into Kate, the werewolf who got away. Kate’s original appearance was in the episode Bitten from Season 8.   Kate has been busy since we last saw her and is now in damage control mode. In a misplaced attempt at saving her sister from death and herself from the burden of loneliness Kate turns Tasha,her sister, into a lycanthrope (werewolf).

supernatural-season-10-episode-4-bild-02The story line fluctuates between werewolves and the elephant in the room. The elephant being is Dean healed enough to be working again.  Anytime a preternatural creature crosses the line and begins taking innocent human lives hunters step in and solve the problem. Sam and Dean do just that only with a fair bit of waxing philosophical on their abilities after all the drama they had just come through.

The dialogue went a bit overboard with the “Are you ok? And, Do you want to talk about it?” moments. There was a bit of over writing on the explanations, especially from Kate. One thing guaranteed to make a story drag is to treat your audience as though they are virgin viewers.

It was good to see the brothers talking and not on the defensive with each other as they sorted through their feelings. The awkward sensation between the brothers during these mini reflections helped to make their sharing more believable.  Most guys I know, stop at Ok when you ask how they are doing.

Dealing with the monster of the week was an excellent choice on segueing from the demon Dean storyline. The Mark of Cain was brought up often enough that we understand that plot line is building, but not ready to play out.

5a41ad3269c12a71d6857283e130The story of Kate wanting to save her sister played on the heartstrings of Sam who has a soft spot for the misunderstood monster.   It proved an almost fatal flaw in his character when Sam and Dean were briefly taken by Tasha’s new transformed pack members.

Trust is a key issue between Sam and Dean and they have come a long way.  The trust they have in each other has never been stronger.  Their trust regarding judgement calls is still hesitant.

Over all I enjoyed the episode with the previously mentioned exceptions.  It is good to see the brothers back in business,kicking ass and taking wallets.  I do hope however that the writer’s lay off the tall jokes.  I do not mind the Moose and Squirrel references but calling Sam Paul Bunyan was out of line.  We don’t hear them calling Dean Short Stuff or Tiny.  The jocularity and familiarity of Crowley’s slurs are to be expected but these additional jabs at Sam are in my minds eye, uncalled for and annoying.  They perpetuate negative body stereotyping.  Rant over.

I am leery of the 200th episode.  A musical.  Yikes.  I don’t watch Glee for a reason and that is the singing.  I pray humor wins the day!! Perhaps this is what we will need to make up for post election news coverage.  That said – get out there and vote I think Sam and Dean should be on the 2016 ticket.

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