Supernatural: Review, Season Ten Episode Two, Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya

Like pants that are too tight after a Thanksgiving dinner this episode of Supernatural has left me feeling quite uncomfortable. I admit that I close my eyes when the plot becomes too intense. I wonder how many rabbits writers can pull out of hats, and the truth sinks in that even beloved characters meet permanent ends. It is true no one of significance has died…yet. I am preparing for the worst.


Crowley has dumped demon Dean in Sam’s lap for the exorbitant price of the blade of Cain. I can just feel the disturbance in the force at this move. Sam wanted Dean, but Sam should know better by now that Crowley never does anything out of the goodness of his heart. Crowley has retreated to his sky box seats to watch the drama between the brothers Winchester unfold and will no doubt swoop in and scavenge for what he can salvage of an uncontrollable situation.


Sam’s resolve seemed a bit weak to me. However he followed through and has Dean and the Impala and he is embarking on a journey of epic proportion in effort to send the demon back to Hell and restore Dean to some semblance of his former self. You can never go back. Fingers crossed Sam is successful and the brothers can move forward.

The emergence of Sam’s kidnapper, Cole, a man with a vendetta against Dean is the set up of an integral part of this season’s story line. We learn that Dean killed Cole’s father before Sam was drawn back into the family business. We will explore the past to determine the future, or so it seems.


Castiel, oh Castiel whatever are we to do with this wayward angel. Hannah is trying to help him.  Cas is devolving more and more into a human form, his abilities are weakening and his need to restore his dwindling powers is becoming increasingly scary. Much like Metatron’s taunts to Hannah I too want to see Castiel back on top, Large and In Charge. The downward spiral of Castiel is making me all weepy and frustrated.   I want to shout fix him God! Fix him now! Instead I wonder if God really will come back this season and start setting some things to rights or if he will remain in a state of fugue.

castielMetatron needs duct tape put over his mouth. That said he provides an insight into the battle Heaven still faces in returning to its glory.

Overall tonight was a time passages, foundations building episode. We are forced to accept that Dean really does not care, and we pray Sam is not on a fool’s errand. Crowley shows his true stripes and does the healthy thing by breaking up with Dean. I hope that the writers address the depth and seriousness of the magic so old it dates back to creation rather than leaving viewers with unanswered questions and a dissatisfied taste due to a poorly served story line regarding The Mark of Cain. Don’t hand us a bologna sandwich when we are craving Châteaubriand, haricot vert and julienne potatoes and carrots.


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