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Syfy’s “Ascension” – All the Images We Could Scrape Together

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Syfy’s ambitious event series (That’s what the kids are calling a miniseries these days.) Ascension is only a little over a month away and we’re still starved for information.  Until several days ago, all we really knew about the show consisted of a concept teaser trailer, Syfy’s Official Ascension Website with a few features, and all our constant Ascension coverage from San Diego Comic Con and more.

Recently, a proper teaser trailer was released giving us our first look at actual footage from the show and it was marvelously retro-futuristic.  But now what?

Well, I’ll tell you what.  Over the course of the past few months, Ascension has quietly meted out seemingly random images from the show.  Some came from their Ascension Twitter feed, while still more came from their Ascension Facebook Page.  I’ve been squirreling them away … until now.

Presented below is a gallery of 11 images from Ascension collected with great patience over a fair amount of time.  They don’t always make sense, but it’s good to see anything from the show.  I hope you agree.

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Ascension premieres November 24 on Syfy

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