Twitter Q and A with The Walking Dead’s Andrew J. West

I thought you would all like a transcript of Sunday’s Q and A with Gareth, Andrew J. West, from The Walking Dead. It was fast and furious and I could hardly keep up. All of you Twitterites kept him moving! Questions are numbered, followed by his answer in bold quotes. Here it is in entirety! Enjoy!

1. Describe the cast of the Walking Dead in 1 word.

” Pros.”
2. Describe in one word the 3rd episode.

” Messy.”
3. Did you leave room for #pudding?

Much like jello, there’s always room for #pudding! “
4. What meat was used for Bob’s leg?

” Pork. It was really good.”

5. Who makes more mistakes when shooting a scene?

” Those who get bit by walkers! “
6. Who would win in a fight Governor or Gareth?

” Pre eye-gouging – Governor. Otherwise Gareth.”
7. You look like a hipster, so is your BBQ free range and gluten free?

8. You are a villain. Do you get treated differently by fans?

“Not yet, and thanks for that guys!”
9. Do you enjoy playing the bad guy?

” Very very much (insert maniacal laugh here)”
10. Describe this season of TWD in 1 word.

“‘ Relentless”.
11. Do you like Brazil?



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12. What’s it like working with @bigbaldhead (Daryl) and Andrew Lincoln?

” Superb actors who are very generous. Love those guys.”
13. What is your favorite scene in TWD?

Tyreese fighting a herd of walkers with just a hammer. Carol doing anything.”

14. What’s your favorite horror movie?

The Shining or Dawn of the Dead.”
15. Who was your favorite character before you were on the show?

” Carol “
16. What is your favorite episode of TWD?

” The Grove.”
17. Have you read the TWD comics?

” Yes! Big fan. Love bringing a character inspired by Chris to life.”
18. I bet $30 you will not answer this tweet.

” I’ll take a check.”
19. Do u think Gareth was already 12 kinds of crazy or the situation made him so?

“Situation. But maybe 4 kinds of crazy”
20. I wanted to know what it’s like being on TWD?

” Totally unique awesome experience. Never had a job like it!”


Thanks for all the support and kind words, guys! You’ve all been great and it means a lot. Much love, and goodnight! #RIPBobandGareth

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