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Ascension Cast Interviews – Syfy is Bringing Back the Stars

By: Tom Gardiner
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We’re exactly four weeks away from the premiere of Syfy’s blockbuster space drama, Ascension, and it’s going to be one memorable trip.  Having seen the first two-hour installment of the three-night event, I can say with certainty that if you’re a fan of real, old-school, hard science fiction you’re going to love this show.

But don’t take my word for it, watch as members of the Ascension cast talk about the miniseries.  They’ll tell you what it’ll be about, the real-life basis for the show, what to expect … and what not to expect.

Imagine living in a closed society, disconnected from the Earth, and having to investigate the very first murder to ever occur on the ship.  In fact, it’s the very first murder to occur in the lifetime of practically every single crew member.  They’re unprepared for such an eventuality and do the best they can with the limited, and dated, resources they’ve got on board.

Ascension is a lot more than just a murder mystery set aboard a giant generations spacecraft.  It’s also about power struggles, class warfare, and the biggest conspiracy in the history of mankind.  Tonally, it’s very different from Battlestar Galactica, but is a truly worthy successor to the beloved space franchise.

In the vein of past Syfy mini-series such as Taken, Alice, Tin Man and Battlestar Galactica, Ascension is a six-hour event set to debut on December 15. In 1963, the U.S. government launched a covert space mission sending hundreds of men, women and children on a century-long voyage aboard the starship Ascension to populate a new world. Nearly 50 years into the journey, as they approach the point of no return, a mysterious murder of a young woman causes the ship’s population to question the true nature of their mission.

Syfy has finally launched us into space again, and they’ve proven, yet again, that they can really do it right.

For everything we’ve got on Ascension (which is pretty much everything that’s out there), CLICK HERE.  Also, click the links below.  Links don’t click themselves.

Ascension premieres Monday, December 15 at 9/8c on Syfy and continues over 3 consecutive nights

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