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Doctor Who 812 “Death in Heaven” Sneak Peek – Good News, Bad News

A short preview clip from the Doctor Who season 8 finale, Death in Heaven, takes us back to the Nethesphere for what might be the last time. Missy’s data plan is about to expire and when it does, the data has to go somewhere.

As the lights dim on the spherical skyline of the artificial afterlife, Seb explains to Danny Pink what’s about to happen. The good news is everyone’s about to be downloaded from the “heaven” back to the not-so-after life. The bad news, which Seb is trying to sell as good news, is – “There’s been a bit of an upgrade.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to connect the Cyber-dots on that particular puzzle.

With Cybermen on the streets of London, old friends unite against old enemies, and the Doctor takes to the air in a startling new role. Can the mighty UNIT contain Missy? As the Doctor faces his greatest challenge, sacrifices must be made before the day is won.

Doctor Who: Death in Heaven airs Saturday, November 8 at 9/8c on BBC America

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