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Doctor Who Christmas Special – Children in Need Sneak Peek

“It’s not often we get upstaged on a rooftop.”

Sneaking a peek at this sneak peek immediately answers the question about Clara’s presence in the holiday special.  She’s most definitely there, which will delight some fans and infuriate others.  (I’m in the “delighted” column, BTW.)  Santa wastes no time proving he’s got Clara’s number, reading off a list of likes and dislikes.  She likes science kits, is not a fan of hair products, and was a half-hearted stamp collector as a child.

The Doctor angrily confronts Santa, telling him he knows what’s going on.  But Santa shoots back that the Doctor will be happy to have his help before Christmas day is done.

If you didn’t notice, take a closer look at the elf on the right.  Does he look vaguely familiar?  That gap-toothed grin is owned by none other than Dan Starkey, the man who plays Strax, the universe’s favorite Sontaran.

Children in Need is BBC’s UK corporate charity with a goal of helping disadvantaged children and young people.  Each November, the Children in Need Appeal Night, which airs on BBC One, presents an evening of entertainment and insanity to raise money for a worthy cause.

More Doctor Who coming at Christmas!  Of course, you already knew that.

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