Gracepoint: Review Episode 8

So much happened in one episode that Gracepoint almost seemed like a normal television show. And then it hit me, in trying to adapt a British drama to an American market there was no accounting for the alacrity that America audiences demand in a successful television show. The plodding, almost book-like pace that Gracepoint has been unfolding in is not enough to capture and sustain the American mind.

This week Mark and Beth Solano work on repairing their broken spirits, Tom is found, Paul Coates is accused, Piers Larson is released and Susan Wright reveals a deeper connection to Danny when she returns his skateboard to Tom. And Vince is painted the villain.

Emmett Carver keeps having seizure-like episodes that land him in the hospital, and a sense of familiarity and a connection is finally reached between Ellie and Emmett when Emmett addresses Ellie by her first name. The search for Tom has left Ellie a stressed out wreck and Carver indicates she should go home and rest. She reluctantly relinquishes her part in the search party for her son and goes to tend to her youngest child.


In the interim the search party combs the forest at night trying to find any lead they can.   Paul Coates sings a religious song while looking, which adds a rather creepy element to the search. Paul then finds Tom and this makes Mark Solano suspicious and Mark approaches Detective Carver with his theories about Paul Coates. The good detective follows the lead and they question Paul and ask him for a DNA sample. Paul gets up on his high horse and trots verbal circles around Carver before leaving the police station.


Beth Solano happens upon Renee sleeping in her car and inquires after the mothers of the missing children from the Rosewood case. Renee puts her in contact with one woman who is so depressed and grief-stricken it shocks Beth. Mark goes to Chloe’s school to pick her up after the first day only to see her whisked away on a motorbike. He calls Beth and the pair of them race after their daughter. They find her trying to forget her sorrow by dancing. This was a very poignant moment. Well played out and honest in its writing and acting. For a moment I truly believed that the Solano family existed and was going thru the stages of dealing with the loss of their son.


The show wrapped up with Susan Wright giving Tom Miller a skateboard that had been owned by Danny and this set off a chain reaction of events in the story. Vince in particular is revealing himself as a violent person. The questions about Susan and her past hang in the air like a conversation bubble in a cartoon and we wonder why young Tom is so curious about data retrieval and feels the needs to take a hammer to his computer. The bigger question is will Paul Coates turn in Tom for this strange behavior.


We have to wait until after Thanksgiving to find out what is going to happen so close to the end will it be Vince, or is it Susan? Perhaps Tom is not so innocent as he appears to his mother. I, for one, am glad the story is almost over.


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