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Lego “Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor” Regeneration Short Is Cooler Than A Bowtie

Everything’s better when it’s done with Lego, and as we’ve seen before, Doctor Who is no exception.  This wonderfully recreated regeneration scene from 2013’s Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor is a near shot-for-shot duplicate of the live-action version.  There’s no dialogue, but there doesn’t need to be.  Just watch and I think you’ll agree.

Check out the original, live-action scene below for the sake of comparison and you’ll see just how accurate the Lego version really is.

From Clara’s surprise at seeing 11 looking young again, to the Doctor seeing visions of Amy Pond as both a young girl and an adult, the short captures the emotion of the original perfectly.  You’re going to love the little twist on the “flash regeneration” in the Lego version.  It’s exactly the way I always imagined a quick Gallifreyan regeneration might look like in Legoland.  There’s also a different take on why the Doctor’s kidneys were bothering him and one might say it’s delicious.

YouTube user BlobVanDam (Robert Medina) did an excellent job of capturing the essence of Doctor Who imbued with the whimsy of Lego figures.  Mr. Medina has done 3D graphics work for Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Matchbox 20, and others.  Plus, he’s obviously an avid Doctor Who fan, so, like a bowtie, he’s cool.  Check out his website and YouTube channel for more of his amazing work.

More Doctor Who coming at Christmas!  Of course, you already knew that.

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