Supernatural: Review 200th Episode, A Single Man Tear

I love schmaltz. This episode was 100 percent schmaltz. Supernatural, The Musical, was a brilliant way to celebrate a landmark episode. Not many prime time shows last ten years and for one of my favorites as well as a fantasy fiction show to reach this point is tremendous. Kudos to the entire cast and crew for doing their jobs well and making it to 200! I came in wanting to dislike the choice of genre and I left feeling a bit emotional. I might have even shed a tear, albeit not a single man tear, but still I required a tissue.

An adaptation of Carver Edlund’s books into a high school musical frames the story. Written and directed by Marie, a student at St. Alfonso’s High School in Flynt Michigan. We open to a rehearsal scene that devolves into a fight that has the Drama teacher Mrs. Chandler fuming mad and ready to cancel the show. She storms out of the theater and is mysteriously abducted in front of the school by a giant straw man.


Dean is finishing up doing maintenance on the Impala when Sam appears and Dean suggests they start hunting again. It is what Winchesters do and even though the lead Dean has seems thin to Sam they set off to Flynt in search of monsters to slay.

Back to the familiar territory of the hunt the ease with which the brother’s banter has returned and the jocularity between them gives a great sigh of relief to any concerned soul who might be wondering about the contention after exorcising Dean of his demon.

While Sam is still hesitant about whether or not they have a case all doubts in his mind are set aside while new doubts crop up in Dean’s after they enter the theater and are confronted with a very female Bobby practicing saying “Idgits” and near the foot lights we hear “ass butt” coming from a tiny Castiel.


The all-girls production of Supernatural The Musical.  Cue act one! We are treated to a wonderful musical number about the origins of Sam and Dean all while watching the brothers reel in shock and disbelief. They recover briefly when Marie and her assistant Maeve come to inquire as to who they are, and the obligatory FBI badge flashing is mirrored by mini Winchesters on stage. The detective’s Smith ask some questions about Mrs. Chandler’s disappearance, but Dean cannot let go of the wrongness of their life being put to Andrew “Floyd” Webber.

The story twists and turns in normal fashion and after a fight with Marie the actor playing Sam storms off and is also abducted. We find our heroes in the library doing what they do best before a hunt, research. Through a process of elimination they move from the monster being a Tulpa, an energy possessed object, to Calliope, the muse of epic poetry so it is fitting that she would attempt to take on two heroes of an epic story. We learn that after Marie’s play is finished she will be eaten by the goddess and the Winchester’s are not about to let that happen on their watch.

Mayhem ensues as the play gets underway and the battle with Calliope starts. We hear Castiel sing about waiting and the cherry line from his song “I raised you from perdition to be God’s ammunition.” The Monster takes Sam to the school basement where he meets the other missing victims and Calliope. Dean is on the prowl for both Dean and the Monster when he appears back stage and he is forced to join the drama on stage.

The play and the battle end when Marie/Dean simultaneously stabs the straw man and Sam stabs Calliope making purple goo fly everywhere bringing an end to yet one more Monster. Act One ends to standing ovation from the audience.


As Sam and Dean get ready to disappear before questions are asked the Musical continues with the cast singing “Carry on My Wayward Son” as the Mini Winchesters drive off on the road to their next hunt. Mirroring that we see Dean and Sam take off in the Impala and Dean hangs up the Samulet that Marie had given him.

And then there was Chuck, his thoughts on the play? “Not bad.” It’s always good to get a nod from the creator.

To wrap up, I adored that song A Single Man Tear. It summed up Dean in poetical justice fashion. The show was a loving tribute to the crazy fans and our on-going fascination and adoration of the two best dark hunters on the planet, Dean and Sam Winchester.

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