Supernatural Review: Ask Jeeves or I’m Lactose Intolerant

It’s a ghost, no it’s a maid, no it’s shape-shifter! Tuesday’s episode of Supernatural was very campy in its content with overtones of Clue. Ingenious working in of the weapons of Clue as well, brava! This week Dean and Sam travel to New Canaan, Connecticut in answer to a call on one of Bobby Singer’s cell phones. Turns out Bobby is set to inherit something from the estate of Bunny Lacroix a mysterious woman from his past.

Ask Jeeves

The brothers show up post funeral and are escorted into the library cum billiards room, although it looked more like a pool table to me, by Olivia a young maid who worked for the Lacroix family. We meet the highly dysfunctional Lacroix family and their surly butler Phillip who extracts the Winchesters and hands them Bobby’s inheritance early then shoos them on their way. The boys head straight to the Pawn shop only to have their hopes dashed but their curiosity piqued. What looked to be a jewel-encrusted treasure turns out to be a trinket with a secret, it’s a key.


Back to the mansion they go where a sarcastic Phillip grants them reluctant re-entry and the brothers learn there has been a murder. The brothers are informed by the detective on the scene that they are suspects in the beheading of  Stanton Lacroix. They are then herded into the Library to wait. Dean sneaks off to investigate while Sam entertains the ladies.


In his wanderings Dean finds the lock for the key and discovers Collette, Clown College, Collete dead and hidden in an attic.  Olivia reveals herself to him and explains she saw Bunny’s ghost kill Collette.  This discovery brings the body count to two and as always they brothers share what they have learned and Sam excuses himself from the clutches of Heady and her sister Beverly Lacroix.

In effort to find the malevolent ghosts Sam and Dean split up and continue their search.  Dean confronts Phillip while Sam finds the real Phillip face down with a knife in his back.  It is only after confrontation that Dean discovers that they are not after a vengeful spirits but rather a shape shifter.

Dean and Sam realize they need to narrow down their suspects and Sam draws the short straw when he has to step back into the hands of the sisters Lacroix.  They feel that they have ruled out everyone by touching each person with silver knives when they realize they have not seen the detective anywhere and as if on cue Olivia shrieks and they discover the cop drown in a toilet.  Back to square one.

In true Winchester fashion Sam and Dean fall victim to the people they are trying to save when Dash grabs the gun of the deceased detective and the family turn on Dean and Sam and lock them up.  In the interim Olivia reveals herself to the family as the monster she is and is about to take action when gunshots are fired and chaos ensues.

Olivia reveals that Bobby killed her father as she has Sam trapped on the floor and as she realizes he does not have a silver bullet to kill her, Dean comes to the recuse.

All in all it was a great episode full of fun one liners, but what it did do what begin to draw the story line back to its more serious vein, the Mark of Cain.  The contention about Dean killing again for the first time since they started hunting again is palpable.  Dean’s avoidance speaks to the probability that he enjoyed taking Olivia’s life more than he should have.  Sam’s tentative quizzing is brushed aside with brusque anger and a turned up radio.  It is good to see we are back on the path to the meatier story of Dean’s return to the good side.  It’s about time, I’ve missed Cas and Crowley.

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