Supernatural: Review Season 10 Girls, Girls, Girls or Then That Happened

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, hi ho the dairy oh a hunting we will go. This week we followed the Winchester’s to a sleazy brothel to kill some demons but ended up hunting a witch. Crowley and Castiel make appearances this week helping to flesh out the larger story lines and Cole the mystery man from the first few episodes shows up wanting answers from Dean about his father’s death.


Raul’s escort service serves up Shaylene, a buxom flirt who tries to get Dean to sign away his soul for some earth shattering sex. Our man is smarter than that and gets Shaylene to semi-cooperate with them until she kills the demon they are trying to question. They follow the lead Shaylene provides when she hands them a business card with Raul’s information on it and end up at a crime scene where they determine they are looking for a witch.

Cut to Cas and Hannah discussing the complexities of being human and trying to remain on the path to restoring heaven. Hannah however is feeling frisky and tries her darndest to seduce Castiel. After a brief moment of satisfaction at making Cas’s curiosity pique Hannah realizes the angelic life trapped in a human host is not for her. Her spirit emphasizes with the life she stole from the human body she lives in and this is crystallized when she is confronted by her human husband, attempts to force Cas’s hand in a physical fashion and gets a very weak response from him.

Supernatural - Episode 10.07 - Girls, Girls, Girls - Promotional Photos

In a selfless moment Hannah returns her host Caroline’s body as she allows her grace to return to the ether.  Castiel then takes Caroline home to her husband.  We then see him search up his host’s name on the internet and wonder what he might be contemplating.

Crowley is still trying to put together his kingdom after his debacle trying to recruit Dean into his fold. As a result he is a bit more short-tempered and abrupt than his usually suave self. He is kicking demon ass and taking wallets in effort to clear up any questions of his being in charge.

Sam reveals that the witch they are after is named Rowena. Dean discovers that she has a penchant for expensive things. The guys discover her in a hotel with two of the girls from Raul’s and

Cole has captured himself a demon and is busy throwing holy water around during his interrogation to find out where Dean is.


In a whirlwind of events Crowley’s demons seize Rowena and the girls only to be slain by Sam and Dean who have the tables turned by Rowena when she casts a spell that turns of the girls into a beast so she can escape. Rowena is foiled by a clever Dean who is foiled by Cole who enables Rowena to escape, or so we think.   I cannot explain you have to watch.

In the end Cole makes his peace with Dean and while this may be the last we see of Cole, he might have caught the fever of the hunter. Crowley has Rowena and most shocking of all is his revelation that she is his mother. Things are taking an interesting turn, looks like Hell has just acquired a powerful Queen Mother.


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