Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Anime Visuals

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By: Robert Prentice November 30, 2014

New visuals were released today on the official twitter account for the Tokyo Ghoul series, ahead of the season 2 launch. Season 2 will begin airing in Japan on Tokyo MX Jan 8th. Season 2 details haven’t been released yet, but it is expected we will start off right where we left the characters at the end of season 1 which was in the midst of a heavy battle.

The dark fantasy/horror series is set in the not too distant future Tokyo. Haunted by “Ghouls” who devour humans, people are in fear for their lives. Ghouls identities are masked in mystery. A student name Kaneki encounters a ghoul named Rize and doesn’t realize until its too late that his fate will change forever.

There has been no official word from FUNimation yet if they have received the rights to simulcast the second season as they did the first, but we expect to hear more about that in December.

Robert Prentice