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Ascension Finale Promo – Christa Is Key

By: Tom Gardiner
Ascension promo syfy trailer

Nights one and two of Ascension have not disappointed.  In fact, they’ve exceeded the expectations of viewers – viewers whose expectations were already pretty high.  While it started out really strong, rather than riding on that strength, Ascension chose to build upon it, with each hint, reveal, or development making the story even stronger and more interesting.

This promotional video for Part III, which, sadly, is the finale (for now!) gives me every confidence the story will continue to grow in all the right directions.  Stokes is finally going to calm down a bit and accept his new reality, though his volatile nature is bound to cause trouble on the outside.  But the focus of the finale looks to be Christa Valis and her apparent psychic abilities.  Harris Enzmann states that “she’s everything we’ve been working for” and I’m curious to find out the meaning of that statement.

Hopefully, most questions will be answered by the ending credits.  If not, there’s a strong possibility Ascension will get a full series order from Syfy.  In the past, I wouldn’t have been so confident about a series order, but the network has really come around and begun a sincere and concentrated effort to rebuild their brand into what genre fans really want it to be.

I am a happy nerd.

Ascension – Part III airs Wednesday, December 17 at 9/8c on Syfy

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