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Ascension: Gil Bellows on “The Twist”, Andrea Roth on Obsession, Tricia Helfer on Secrets

By: Tom Gardiner
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WARNING:  If you haven’t watched Ascension – Part I yet, don’t watch this video or read any further.  There is a HUGE SPOILER in the video and in this text.  So, if you haven’t watched, go away.  Go away now or accept your fate.

Now that our minds have been t-boned by a giant, 60s-era Buick in the closing moments of Ascension‘s first installment, Gil Bellows (Harris Enzmann) talks about the twist that blew our minds.  Apparently, Harris Enzmann is part Wizard of Oz and part obsessed stalker with control issues.  Well, he says “monitoring”, but there’s definitely some creepy obsession stuff going on with him.

So the Ascension isn’t in deep space.  It’s a grand, 100-year experiment that we’re introduced to at about the halfway point in said experiment.  The trailer for part II makes it crystal clear that this is much more than a social experiment.  For example, Ellie O’Brien’s character Christa Valis is an important element and apparently something this experiment is working toward.  What exactly that means is still unclear, but we should know much more after tomorrow night’s episode.

Then there’s that Enzmann Obsession.  Specifically, an obsession with Andrea Roth’s character of Dr. Juliet Bryce.  In the video below, Andrea Roth talks about Enzmann’s obsession with her.  He’s even married to a woman who looks a lot like Dr. Bryce.

Listen – Andrea Roth is a sweet and beautiful lady, but Gil Bellows’ Harris Enzmann is starting to look like a high-tech peeping Tom.  Stop it, Gil!  I mean, Harris.

And, finally, Tricia Helfer (Viondra Denninger) tells us a little more about the secret behind the Ascension experiment.  She doesn’t give too much away, though, as most of those secrets have yet to be revealed.  There’s one chilling scene where Christa flat-out stares straight at a camera while Enzmann is watching her.  Even he’s startled.

Ascension – Part II airs Tuesday, December 16 at 9/8c on Syfy

Ascensin – Part III airs Wednesday, December 17 at 9/8c on Syfy

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