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Ascension, Part II Preview – What Man Hath Wrought

By: Tom Gardiner
Ascension part 2 syfy trailer

Wow.  Syfy is suddenly awesome again.

After spending two amazingly good hours building a believable alternate-history world, Ascension adds a layer nobody saw coming.  All the little details were there to create a setting that really felt like something that evolved from the early 1960s, but slightly askew.  Isolated from Earth, a tiny bubble of society evolved in interesting ways and Syfy spared no expense when it came to building that world in the most realistic way possible.

But … just when you thought you were beginning to figure just a few things out, everything changed in a huge way.

Just exactly what kind of experiment is Harris Enzmann running and what did his father have in mind when he created it?  What is Enzmann hiding from his government cohorts?  This show is wrapping mysteries inside of mysteries, then creating even more mysteries from situations that, at first, seemed pretty straightforward.

Christa came on the scene as a strange child with what appears to be some sort of psychic ability.  In this trailer for part 2, Enzmann says she’s what they’ve been working toward and “the best chance we have.”  Chance against what, exactly?  I’m not even going to try and speculate, but with the quality of writing on this show I’m going to rest assured that whatever it is, it’ll be pretty damned interesting.

Ascension – Part II airs Tuesday, December 16 at 9/8c on Syfy

Ascensin – Part III airs Wednesday, December 17 at 9/8c on Syfy

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