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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014 – Nick Frost and Santa Are BFFs

For an actor, researching a role is an essential part of the job.  In the case of Nick Frost playing Santa Claus, he literally went to the ends of the Earth to be the best jolly old elf he possibly could.  Leaving the warm comfort of his home, Mr. Frost traveled to the North Freaking Pole to get tips from the man himself, and ended up making a friend in the process.

In addition to forging a lifelong friendship (and probably assuring a lifetime of great Christmas goodies), Frost learned some interesting things about Santa that I did not know.  Apparently, Santa hibernates until sometime in mid-October and for someone with a reputation for being the very personification of “jolly”, he can be something of a curmudgeon.  Of course, if you were tasked with bringing gifts to every single kid in existence you’d probably get a little snippy, too.

Now, I’m hoping for a buddy comedy film starring Frost and Santa.  Maybe something set in the off season so none of us have to see Santa’s dark side.  I don’t want coal in my stocking.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on Christmas day, just like it should.

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