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Gracepoint: Review Episode 9

This week we learn the secrets of Susan Carver, discover Tom Miller is not such a good boy after all and we see the new Solano baby on ultra sound (suspension of disbelief here because for having just discovered she was pregnant being able to see a fully formed fetus is a true stretch)

We are no closer to actually guessing who killed Danny. Susan has pointed finger at Vince who seems mighty suspicious. Vince pointed the finger back at Susan. Then Paul Coates rats out Tom and his bad behaviors. The energy of the show is ramped up from past episode and is at a point where I feel it should have been from the beginning.

The writing has improved; the cast seems more comfortable with one another and this make watching far more palatable. With only one more episode left this makes it rather disappointing.


The story this week has Emmett being given a day to solve the case him having to turn in his fire arm and being relieved of his post due to his health concerns. He finally reveals his dark secret and that was him covering up for his wife’s negligence on the Rosemount case.

Susan reveals that her husband had molested her children and then killed her oldest daughter and she was forced to surrender her youngest son to social services so he could be adopted out. She admits to being at the crime scene and seeing Danny’s corpse and taking his skateboard. The she accuses Vince of the murder. She states he is like his father. This indicates to me that Vince is a pedophile and explains his vehement reaction to Jack Rheinhold.   We shall see how it all falls out next week.

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Vince rebuffs the claims Susan is making about being his mother and even when he reads the news articles that Detective Carver supplies him about his possible biological family he remains aloof and maintains his innocence. We learn that Vince has a tattoo of Danny’s name on his arm and a black band of mourning above it. Kind of a creepy tattoo for a man who is simply an employee of Mark Solano to have unless there is somehow more to this story.

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Tensions rise between Paul Coates and Tom Miller when Tom demands his laptop back and threatens Coates with exposure as an adult who hits children. Paul does not back down from the threat and turns over the computer hard drive to Detective Carver and tell the detective what Tom threatened. Tom knows something, but what?

Mark confronts Beth over her visit with Paul Coates and his jealousies boil to the surface regarding the life long friendship Beth has with Paul. How ironic Mark is allowed to mess around on Beth but Beth cannot mess around on him. Double standards. Beth and Mark agree to work toward making their new baby’s life better.

The killer was at the hut with Danny’s phone. The person that Carver and Miller were chasing was adult sized. Although the more I review the show the more I think Tom was the killer. I am looking forward to putting this show to bed next week.  Not certain too many of you actually read these reviews, but for what is worth I think the franchise of this sort is valid, but it needs better writing and understanding of how law in the United States works.

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