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Peter Capaldi Answers Fan Questions to Mark Launch of Doctor Who Series 8 on DVD/BluRay

To celebrate the upcoming release of Doctor Who series 8 on DVD and BluRay, Peter Capaldi dips into the TARDIS Tin to answer fan questions. The questions are the kind you’d pretty much expect from almost any fan of the show, but it’s the answers that are fun. Getting answers to fan questions from any actor who’s played the Doctor is always worth a read/listen/watch. Getting answers from an actor who’s also a life-long fan of the show, and probably a bigger fan than almost all of us combined, is just extra filling in my Jammy Dodgers.

Capaldi fields questions about which baddie he’d prefer to be and the ones he’d least like to face in real life. He also answers whether he’d prefer to go forward or backward in time, and has really good reasons for his answer. Based on it I’d definitely travel with him.  Oh, who am I kidding? I’d travel with him no matter where or when he went. I bet you feel the same.  If you don’t you’re just a bad person and you need an … upgrade.  Say hello to my little, metal friend!

Can you guess his answer to the question, “What are you a fan of?” You don’t have to have a “great intelligence” to figure this one out.

Pre-order your copy of series 8 here and now for the best way to be blue at Christmas:   Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series on DVD & BluRay

For more about the launch of series 8 on DVD and BluRay, including the official press release listing all the extras, check out Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series Lands On DVD/BluRay In December.

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