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Doctor Who Supercut “Karaoke and Mime” is Loaded with Hilarious Clips and Quips

“It’s because her face is so wide.  She needs three mirrors.”

Doctor Who is one of the most (if not the most) quotable shows on television.  Every episode is full of witty lines you just want to repeat every chance you get.  Series 8 was unbelievably quote-worthy and thanks to YouTube user KatrinDepp, we’ve got a plethora of those quotes compiled into a fun and fast-paced video.  The focus of this undertaking seems to be highlighting the banter between the Doctor and Clara, which is absolutely hilarious.  Many thanks to BBC America’s Anglophenia Blog for showcasing this talented young lady’s efforts!

Set to upbeat music, beginning with Michelle Gomez’ Missy singing “Hey, Mickey”, this expertly crafted video will have you tapping your toes while laughing at all the fun packed inside.  Series 8 really was a great example of how to properly build upon an already established relationship.  Clara and the Eleven got along famously, then when it came time for a regeneration, Clara had a very hard time dealing with it.  Rather than hamper the relationship, it actually forged it into something stronger, bringing Clara and the Doctor closer to one another than they may have ever been in the show’s history.  Proof of that is right in this video.

Just watching “Karaoke and Mime” makes me want to go back and watch series 8 all over again … and I’ve seen it 3 times already!  Watch it and I doubt you could honestly say it didn’t make you at least smile a little bit.

Doctor Who will return later this year with The Magician’s Apprentice.

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