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Extended Look At Helix Season 2 – Playing God Has A Price – Jan 16th on Syfy

By: Robert Prentice
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Back in OCT we were able to sit down with the cast of Helix and discuss the upcoming season. Each season is going to have its own tone and isolated location. Season 1 was in the frozen arctic and season 2 will be on an island. Checkout our inside look at Helix and watch this extended season 2 preview.

“Playing God Has A New Price”. Playing God is nothing new on Helix, but in season 2, the new price for playing is far higher than anything we have dealt with yet. Arctic Biosystems might be gone, but the immortals are still in power and there are still so many unanswered questions.

Season 2 will pickup 15 months after the events at the end of season 1. Rather than the isolated arctic climate of season 1, we will be on the isolated climate of an island off the coast of the pacific northwest. According to EP Steven Maeda “It’s a different claustrophobia. On an island there’s still that sense of getting trapped”. When talking about her characters arc in season 2, Kyra Zagorsky said “She is still tortured in season 2. Episodes 2 and 3 are the most bizarre and creative I have done.”

Given we are dealing with immortals, it is important to play a little bit with ‘time’ and Steven says we will do exactly that in season 2. He didn’t offer much more clarification then that, but expect some flashbacks to fill in some of the gaps. On a real life and somewhat bizarre twist, the technical advisor for the show is actually working on one of the Ebola teams right now for the CDC. The show uses some real life talent to help the science be as real as possible.

One of the fun aspects for Steven Maeda was changing up the title sequence for season 2. He wanted the style to feel the same as season 1 but reflect the new theme and environment of season 2. Hopes to continue that for any additional seasons. Matt Long has been brought on as a new main character. He will play a doctor from the CDC. He will be joined by another character named Michael (as seen in the preview above) played by Steven Weber.

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