Outlander: EXCLUSIVE – Video Details You’ll Want to Know

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EXCLUSIVE TO THREEIFBYSPACE: So by now every fan in the Outlanderverse has heard that Sony officially announced the release of the first half video. Many questions came up about this and I’ve got some answers, thanks to the digital marketing department at Sony!

Will there be a combo BluRay/DVD? No. Not likely.

But Barnes & Noble is listing one! Don’t order it. It’s not going to happen.

What if I don’t have a BluRay player? They’ve really come down in cost. You can get one at Costco or Sam’s Club for a little more than $50. Or you can miss out on the extras. BluRay discs do not work in DVD players (but the reverse does work – DVDs play in BluRay machines).

What is Ultraviolet? Ultraviolet is a digital storage site – you get a code that you input into a free Ultraviolet account. Then you can watch your movie (or in this case, episodes) on your computer, tablet, phone, etc.

What about that “Thai” remark? Gone. The Amazon pre-order page now contains the correct information.

Will there be a full-season release? No. The currently announced Collector’s Edition contains an empty slot for the second half disc. The Volume II disc will contain its own features related to those episodes, but there will not be a full season release. If you want the whole season, buy this now, and look for the Volume II release later this year.

What digital formats? Every digital platform available, practically – Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Vudu (WalMart’s own), plus others. However, extra features will only be released on Vudu and iTunes, because Sony says those are the only ones that can handle the extras (not just for Outlander, but for all Sony home releases).

Any other surprises? YES!!! Sony will release an exclusive special Special Edition through Target that will have some extra Extra Features! These will focus more on Jamie, and there may be some special items included with that package that may have a tartan graphic. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but that’s what I’ve got.

I hope this settles some of the burning questions I’ve heard today. I realize some of you are going to have issues with something, but I think the package that Sony is giving us (see here for the extras that will be included) will be VERY exciting! Let me know what you’re most looking forward to!

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Erin Conrad