Supernatural: Review The Hunter Games, or We’re Baaack

I love the demise of horrible villains and so I preface this week’s review by saying I cannot wait for Rowena to die. No, really, I seriously want her dead. Her treachery and conniving are not in the least bit endearing. I also think Crowley is smarter than Rowena gives him credit for and I wonder how many demons she will kill before he locks her up again.

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The Mark of Cain is becoming more problematic. Dean has taken human life, and while the humans were scumbags they were human and therefore off limits.  It’s all well and good to kill the things that go bump in the night, but the blood lust of the Mark is strong and Dean must learn how to control it.

Castiel is able to jailbreak Metatron in an effort to help Dean over come the power of the Mark. This is an exercise in idiocy and I can hear Bobby calling them “Idgits” for even thinking of it let alone following through.

Metatron is as sarcastic and obnoxious as ever, his pompousness knows no bounds when it comes to haranguing the Winchester’s. I kind of want Castiel to take Metatron’s Grace, but I know that would be wrong.

My question is why did Castiel and Sam even think for one moment that Metatron would help them with Dean? The character is one of the most evil characters on the good side I have ever seen portrayed. He has been nothing but trouble since the day they introduced him and he has caused the Winchester’s more pain and suffering than any other character. Crowley, the King of Hell, is nicer than Metatron.

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I was not surprised when they got only the bares of hints from Metatron and in the end it will probably lead Dean to his freedom. Sam and Dean talk about the rage inside Dean as a result of the Mark and Sam points out that Dean needs to learn to control not only the Mark but himself and his own rage.

Claire the troubled teen of Castiel’s human host tries to set Dean up to be killed by some drifter types she met in a bar while trying to be a badass. Sorry little girl, go home. Her character does not have the vindictive nature of some of the other characters we have met along the way in Supernatural. In the end she reveals the attack on Dean before it happens and Dean reveals his first opportunity in controlling his rage.


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We saw the tie up of the whole Castiel/Claire story line. No doubt we may see Claire in future but resolution was attained and respect for each other established. Now we can get down to business with Castiel finding a way to repair his own lost Grace and get back on track with fighting the dark side. Although it is nice to learn that Castiel likes emoticons. 🙂

In all this episode was sort of disjointed, but laid the ground work for the evil Rowena and her as yet unknown plot to take Hell away from her son. As I said I really cannot wait for her to go. Sam and Dean are on the path to helping Dean get rid of the Mark of Cain and we got a glimpse of angelic order slowly being restored in Heaven. We still need to meet God and I am still pretty certain Bobby is God. It would be nice to see him back on the show… if anyone of any hiring power reads this … hint, hint, hint.


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