Supernatural Review: Season 10, There’s No Place Like Home

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At least there were not flying monkeys in tonight’s episode of Supernatural, they still get to me, the flying monkeys do. Freaky stuff.

We open to a scene where Charlie is beating up a man on his front lawn. Flash to Sam and Dean eating egg whites in the library discussing the Mark of Cain and Dean’s twelve step program to keep him on the path to clean living. And then Sam spots Charlie in a video attacking a man. Discussion ensues and the brothers set off to determine what is happening with Charlie.

Dean and Sam arrive at the victim’s home and start with a simple line of questions when suddenly Dean gets a tad more aggressive than usual in order to elicit information from the D.A.   We learn that Charlie is on her way to another’s house, all of the people are connected to hushing up the accident that took her parents lives.

The Council Woman gives Sam and Dean the brush off when they quiz her about the accident that made Charlie and orphan and the boys are forced to sit in the Impala and wait for something to happen. Insert shriek. And the brothers leap into action, busting down the door to help save the day.


And there she is, only she is an ass kicking, wallet taking, fighting machine bent on meeting her goal, that of gaining the name of the man who murdered her parents. There is a brief scuffle and the Charlie makes a break for it and runs, Dean chases and tackles and nearly gets his neck snapped for his trouble. Once free Charlie makes a dash and the dazed and confused Dean follows in pursuit only to discover that Charlie has given Baby a flat. No body flats baby’s tires.

And suddenly there next to Dean is Charlie, the bubbly, effervescent Charlie we know and love. Proceed to the nearest bar for debriefing. Long story short, too late, we learn that in Oz Charlie has been divided. There is Good Charlie and Dark Charlie. Charlie explains that they are both her, they are both physically connected as hey feel each others pain. “You hurt her, then you hurt me.”

The trio plans out their next moves after they learn the name of the man who drove the car that killed Charlie’s parents. And they split up Sam returns to the Bunker with Charlie where they research the key to Oz and Dean heads over to the offices of the man who caused Charlie so much grief in an effort to stave off an attack by Dark Charlie.

Sam uncovers an old file regarding Oz and Charlie speculates that the man who wrote the reports in the file is still alive because time passes differently in Oz. Dean on the other side of town fails to prevent Dark Charlie from her goal an unwittingly enables Dark Charlie to have her full revenge on the man who killed her parents.

Dean calls Sam to warn him that Dark Charlie is on her way to try and stop them from fixing the key to Oz so that they could reintegrate the two Charlies. Dean buys them just enough time that they call forth the Wizard of Oz who then tries to stop them from helping to heal Charlie and as the fight is happening inside, Dean and Dark Charlie engage in battle and Dean let’s the Mark take over and he does his best to negate Dark Charlie.

Dark Charlie was taunting, she was demeaning, she was attacking and Dean fought back. He broke her arm. He pummeled and savaged her face. It took Sam carrying the limb and broken body of Good Charlie outside to get Dean to stop.


They joined the two halves of Charlie back together with the key they got from the Wizard. And Sam goes forward and comforts her as she weeps and Dean looks on in shame.

Fast forward to the bunker and a remorseful Dean trying to reconcile in his mind the violence he did to his friend. Fighting the mark is not so much about clean living, but more about self-control.

Charlie makes Supernatural fun. The writers attempted to end on an up note with Charlie taking over the search for a book that might provide Dean relief from the Mark. But the air was heavy despite Charlie forgiving Dean, and the true sorrow coming from Dean toward Charlie.   This simply foreshadows the depths to which the Mark will drag Dean and anyone close to him.

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Tara Kidwell