“Tales Of Zestiria” Hits Playstation 3 In Japan With OVA Prequel

By: Robert Prentice
Bandai Namco Tales Of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria is a Japanese role-playing game for the PlayStation 3. It is the fifteenth core product in the Tales series, developed by Bandai Namco Studios, and published by Bandai Namco Games. The ‘Tales of’ series began in 1995 with the development and release of Tales of Phantasia. The newest game was released in Japan on Jan 22nd, and just before its release Bandai gave it an OVA prequel to get fans excited for the game. This isn’t the first game of the series to get an anime treatment. A previous title in the series, Tales of Vesperia, was the first of the series to get an anime feature film treatment. The prequel was only 44 minutes long but was visually stunning. You can watch the 44 min OVA below with english subtitles. Here is the opening movie for the game.

The newest game in the series offers an open world-style gameplay for the first time in the series.

During battle, the game uses the Fusionic Chain Linear Motion Battle System, an evolved version of the series’ trademark Linear Motion Battle system (LMBS). Unlike previous entries in the series, which featured a separate battle screen, battles in the open field and environments like towns and dungeons take place in the same space as exploration. These encounters are called “Real Map Battles”. The player characters’ fighting ability during this battle can be affected by the topography and features such as ponds and rocks. Preemptively attacking enemies also grants the player an advantage during the battle. Like previous entries in the series, the LMBS incorporates special skills called artes. There are two types of artes: human characters specialize in close-quarters melee-based artes, while Seraph characters employ mid-to-long range magical artes. These artes are further divided into multiple categories for each character.

The game is expected to make its North American debut later this year. You can Preorder the game from Amazon.com Now. (Which currently has the launch date of 12/31 but may move up). You can also PreOrder collectible figures for the series, currently Sorey is the only figure still not sold out.

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