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Wizard World NOLA 2015 – Paranormal City: The Real Story Behind LaLaurie House

The house played a critical part in American Horror Story: Coven. Yet as horrific as it was made to seem in the television show, the real story behind the LaLaurie House is far, far more gruesome. In this video clip, you’ll hear Lord Chaz Howell tell the tale of the LaLauries and the truly horrifying things they did to their servants and slaves.

Dr. LaLaurie apparently did some pretty unthinkable medical experiments on his victims – things that are a downright abomination of nature. His wife, Delphine, wasn’t much better, sadistically beating and torturing the servants.

Right in the middle of the story, we’re interrupted by someone’s cell phone ringing. In most cases, this would’ve been an unwanted distraction, but if you pay attention at the 2:44 mark you’ll hear how this particular ringtone was the absolute perfect disturbance. You can’t make this stuff up.

Hosted by Aaron Sagers, the panelists consisted of Chris Melancon, Cedric Whittaker, and Chaz Howell. This was a very fun and educational panel, even for someone not overly interested in the paranormal like me. I found the history to be fascinating and really wished the panel had gone on for another hour.  There were several really interesting, and quite disturbing, tales from New Orleans’ rich and colorful past that had the packed room on the edge of their seats.  For real scares straight of the French Quarter, you should come down for Wizard World NOLA and listen to the stories firsthand.

Here’s a little about the panelists, along with links to their websites. Please pay them a visit to find out more about who they are and what they do.

Chris Melancon – Founder of the Paranormal Society of New Orleans which is a paranormal investigation team who investigate possible paranormal activity in the region. The team use a plethora of technology to capture evidence of activity in locations in and around New Orleans as well as regional locations.

Cedric Whittaker – aka Captain Sir Cedric Greyhawk Whittaker of the Airship Isabella. Cedric and his wife are founding members of Paranormal Society Austin who now live in New Orleans. Airship Isabella (ASI) is a production company with a Steampunk flair.

“Lord Chas” Howell – Lord Chaz created the first nightly ghost and vampire tours in New Orleans. Steeped in history, the tours take brave souls on a haunted journey through some of the darker areas of the French Quarter; places most tourists never see.  You can find out more about his tours at Lord Chaz Tours.

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