Photo by Tom Gardiner

Wizard World NOLA 2015 – The Walking Dead’s Dearly Departed

They may be gone, but they’re far from forgotten. In this often hilarious panel we find out the answers to fans burning questions. Panel moderator Aaron Sagers had the pleasure of hosting Scott Wilson (Hershel), Andrew J. West (Gareth), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori), and Jon Bernthal (Shane) who were all looking pretty lively for a bunch of dead people.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed some of these people until they took the stage and began talking about their time on the show.

Photo by Tom Gardiner

Just your average convention attendee looking for a bite

Fans didn’t hold back on their questions, with one of the first ones being, “What would’ve happened if Rick had died and Shane had lived?” This drew audible “oohs” from the audience and Sarah Wayne Callies answered it by saying that even though Shane was completely bonkers, he would have never gotten far enough away from Lori to ever let anything happen to her. She also would’ve still had a job.

When asked who they would bring back if they had the chance, the audience began to shout “Hershel” while Scott Wilson suggested there be a show starring all the people who’ve died on The Walking Dead. Jon Bernthal said he’d like to have Ed back. You might remember Ed as Carol’s abusive husband from season one, but Bernthal said the actor, Adam Minarovich, is a fantastic actor who did a hell of a job with the part. He’s not wrong, but I can see where Shane got some of his crazy.

A fan asked Sarah how things would’ve worked out if Lori and Carole had been in charge instead of Rick and Shane. She said they would’ve handled the group with a gentle hand rather than Rick’s focused obsession and hard-line stances. She did say that while they would’ve been more compassionate, Carole wouldn’t have hesitated to “remove” members of the group who needed to be taken out of the equation. Of that I have no doubt.

With time running short and the lines of fans waiting to ask questions remaining long, the panelists started a round of “speed questions” where everyone got to ask a quick question, receiving a quick reply in return. Apparently, Sarah isn’t caught up with the show as she reacted with surprise when someone asked about Beth’s death. We also found out how they hid Hershel’s leg, heard about Norman Reedus throwing squirrels, how much fun it was driving a 2013 Hyundai in a 2010 apocalypse, and a whole lot more.

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