The X-Files

X-Files Reboot Rumors Confirmed – But Should They?

By: Robert Prentice
Anderson Carter Duchovny fox x-files

The TCA events are just coming to an end but the FOX panels brought out some serious disturbances in the x-files fandom when word came out about an X-Files reboot. Yes the rumors about FOX looking to bring X-Files back are true. Fox TV Group chairman Gary Newman confirmed chatter that the network is talking with Chris Carter, David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson to return in the series.

The new installation is being classified as a ‘reboot’. No official word yet from anyone other than talks have started on a very high level. The series ran from 1993 to 2002 with over 200 episodes and spawned several films and a spin off series. Many fans were upset with the second film, being a stand alone story that didn’t wrap up things left open at the series end.

The real question is, should they be rebooting the series? An iconic series like X-Files is one that is hard to top, and rebooting or continuing it could ruin the entire thing very easily. On the other hand, there is a remote possibility that with the original cast back, they could make it really great. So what are your thoughts? Should they be trying to bring X-Files back?

Whether it happens or not is up to the powers at Fox.


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