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BBC America Sadly Shepherds “Intruders” to the Crossing Place

The creepily fantastic body-borrowing series Intruders has met its fate.  Unfortunately, that fate involves taking a cue from the titular characters and crossing over into the land of What Could Have Been.  BBC America has decided to not renew the show for a second season, so we’ve seen the last of the Qui Reverti.  You can bet I’ll be checking the television schedule in about 9 years, just in case.

Earlier today, Michael Marshall Smith, the author of the novel upon which the series was based, posted this announcement on his blog about the show’s cancellation.

Sadly, we are finally able to announce that BBCA will not be renewing INTRUDERS.

The author goes on to explain that from the get-go they all set out to make a program that was outside the cookie-cutter norm of most shows. He expresses a sincere and deep appreciation for everyone who worked on the show and for BBC America’s promotion and support of their efforts. To be honest, he’s taking the news a lot better than I am.  Anybody got Marcus’ phone number?

The show’s creator, Glen Morgan, tweeted the bad news with equal class, gratitude, and optimism.



This was a show that took its damned sweet time developing and it paid off in some truly amazing ways. Unfortunately, the short attention spans of some viewers meant that too many people missed out on an incredible story with enormous potential for future development, both character and story-wise.  The storyline had multiple threads, many of which were very subtle, but none of which were forgotten.  Nothing in Intruders was ever there by accident or coincidence and everything had a meaning.  If you had the patience, you were rewarded with some great reveals that were jaw-droppingly unexpected and always managed to be tightly woven into the fabric of the story.

Then there was the incredible acting.  Every single person who appeared in front of the camera on Intruders was outstanding, though the breakout star was hands-down the young Millie Bobby Brown.  At just nine years old, she played the part of a normal little girl and that of a middle-aged man with a talent beyond her years, pardon the pun.  It was stunning to watch her switch from one persona to the next in the blink of an eye.  Her co-stars were just as impressive.  With actors like John Simm, Mira Sorvino, James Frain, Tory Kittles and more, you simply cannot go wrong.

And I’m still smarting that we only got 8 episodes instead of 9. It would be both appropriate and wonderful if we could just get that final episode to tie things up.  That’ll at least give us The Nine. Please?

Goodbye, Reverti.  I mourn your passing, but await your eventual return.

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