Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 10 #12

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By: Helena February 18, 2015

Romance, action and bonding is all on the go this issue of Buffy,and for us Spuffy fans, we are in for a treat. This review contains spoilers and squeals of delight.

WRITTEN BY: Christos Gage, Nicholas Brendon
PENCILS: Megan Levens
INKS: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: February 18th

If you happened to read my last review you would know that I was practically doing cartwheels at the end of the comic as it ended with Buffy giving Spike a loving kiss. Well, Spike most likely enjoyed it, but he is rather confused and actually pushes the slayer away, saying she just goes after unavailable guys, such as himself without a soul, Angel with his “one minute of happiness” sex block, Xander who was in love with her sister. At the mention of her hitting on Xander, Buffy cringes. Perhaps Xander and Spike as roommates is not a brilliant idea after all. With this blurted out Buffy makes a hasty exit and feeling rather stupid. Spike on the other hand feels like a wanker! And he feels even more like a wanker after talking to Xander, who points out that Buffy actually had taken down her big protective shell to give it a go with Spike, and he had thrown it back it back in her face. Dang it.

Andrew still hulked up like in last issue on a magical, is fighting some big old meaty monsters. Spike and Buffy joins in whilst feeling a bit embarrassed around each other. Andrew manages to tear the big monsters apart, pick up his dreamboy Clive, kiss him and then poff, turn back to his normal scrawny self. Oh well never mind, the potion had done its work and Andrew got to be a hero.

Spike decides to approach Buffy again, she says she understand him, and yes they probably should only be friends, as they are such great friends now. Uh-huh this all sounds great says Spike, only one problem, “I am in love with you”. EEEEEEEK!! Cue a lot of boinking!

As Spike and Buffy reunite in a horizontal fashion, Dawn and Xander and doing some bonding of their own, giggling about what Spike and Buffy is up too. The only one not too happy about the situation is hormonally challenged Giles. He is deadly jealous of all the sex.

The comic ends, with a sleeping Buffy in Spikes arms. Spike himself is too scared of going to sleep in case Buffy won’t be there when he awakes. But eventually he nods off only to have a very real dream about killing a young couple.

Sooo, SPUFFY!! I loved the last comic and this one is just getting better and better. Yes I am still sure that this love story will end in some horrible way, but it is so nice to see them both find some happiness with each other. Nicholas Brendon is back co writing this comic and I guess this is why Xander has turned rather sage-wise in this issue, but that’s ok. I like the strange friendship between Xander and Spike. We still are missing Rebekah Isaacs’s imagery as like last issue Megan Levens is behind the pencils. It still looks very nice, but I do have a soft spot for Isaacs I have to say.

Thank you again Darkhorse for yet another awesome episode of Buffy season 10, please keep it up and pretty pretty please don’t go and mess up Spuffy for awhile yet!