Geek Buy Of The Month: Final Fantasy VII Figures

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Our geek buy of the month takes us back to arguably the best Final Fantasy game of the series, Final Fantasy VII. The Square Enix figure series, Play Arts KAI, possess improved articulation, more accessories and slightly larger sizes than its predecessor. Square Enix also took the chance to collaborate with other gaming company giants such as CAPCOM, KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, UBISOFT etc which expands the range for this [KAI] line. At an average price of $99, these figures are an affordable collectors item for any avid fan of the Final Fantasy series.

This newest series of figures is based on the Advent Children animated film that was made based on the famous game series. We recently unboxed the newest releases in the series, Red XIII and Yuffie. Red is true to the series claim to have improved articulation. Between all the movable parts and the elaborate base you can flex Red into many different poses. Here are a few photos close up of Red and Yuffie.

To date there are 7 total figures for this collection. Those already available to buy are Red XIII, Yuffie, and Rufus. Vincent Valentine is no longer in stock. Preorders are available for Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife. Here are the factory photos of all the figures still to be released. And you can get your figures at the link below and setup preorders for the newest figures set for release Feb 2015 for Barret and Tifa, April 2015 for Cloud. I really hope we see a Sephiroth figure in the series future.

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Robert Prentice