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Marvel’s Agent Carter – Re:Cap

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I watched the first episode a few weeks ago, and then I stopped watching. Why? It looked old and boring. It felt like I was watching my dad’s reruns. I turned it back on for this assignment. My dad caught me binge watching and told me “I should be outside.” He’s so freakin old. Who plays outside? I told him it was homework. He asked what his taxes were paying for and said something about education being a joke. I agree, but whatever.

Based on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Agent Peggy Carter is the woman who helped start S.H.I.E.L.D., so this show tells the backstory on what she went through to create the organization with Agent Coulson and Nick Fury. It was cool to see Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) dad, Howard Stark. In this miniseries, he’s in trouble, hiding from the government. He asks Peggy Carter to help him out. She agrees and has to keep it a secret because she’s working for the S.S.R. (Secret Science Reserve), the group responsible for arresting Stark. She teams up with Howard’s butler, Edwin Jarvis. I laughed because that is the name that Tony Stark gives to his robot assistant. But that was the only time I laughed in five episodes.

The show is supposed to take place in the 1940’s, after the first Captain America movie. Peggy’s all sad because she fell in love with Captain America and she thinks he’s dead. Peggy also get’s treated pretty unfairly at work. My mom says that things were way worse for women back in the 40’s. She mumbled something about it barely being much better now.

Compared to all the other comic shows going, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, this one doesn’t suck me in as much. Peggy’s cool and all, she fights well, and looks pretty good, but she’s kind of an ice queen. Her roommate died and she barely blinked. They keep saying she’s sad about Cap, but you can’t tell by looking at her. She just follows clues. Since you know she lives to be an old woman and that S.H.I.E.L.D gets formed, you know she’ll come out on top.

I couldn’t even find action scenes from movies IN THE 40’s, but I would assume that it looked like this. People fake flopping when they get shot. One punch knockouts. It just feels so old school. Even the colors feel muted or something. It’s probably intentional, but it doesn’t make me like it more. Maybe my grandfather would. Maybe grandma too. I wonder what the 40’s were like for her. I read how well the last Avengers movie did. They said it hit every demographic. Maybe they’re trying to rope in the old folks too.

The first four episodes didn’t do much for me. Peggy tracks down Howard’s inventions. Some group called Leviathan (probably associated with Hydra) seems to be behind it. People die along the way. Pretty regular stuff. Things get slightly more interesting in episode four. There was more Howard Stark in it. He sneaks into where Peggy lives, which is an all-girls (women) apartment building. He never gets caught there and hooks up with all of Peggy’s neighbors. Peggy finally has to show some real emotion when she digs deeper into whether or not she should trust Stark. It also turns out that Peggy’s neighbor is a super assassin.

The action finally picks up in episode five. Peggy shows some backbone by decipher a code and convincing her male counterparts that she needs to go along on a mission to Russia to intervene on a black market transaction involving Howard Stark. She proves her worth to her colleague by supplying an infamous bunch of soldiers known as the Howling Commandos, not the coolest name ever. The squad takes their queues from her and now so does her most chauvinistic of colleagues, Jack Thompson, who actually freezes under duress and needs Carter to save him.

We’re also starting to see some tie-ins to the movies, mostly the first Captain America film. Cap’s big fight scene from that movie seems to be a part of a huge cover up and Peggy’s boss is starting to suspect it. We also get our first look at where Black Widow came from. It’s this crazy school where they force little Russian girls to train as assassins. It’s like watching Spartans in a scene out of 300. One of the graduates from this school turns out to be Peggy’s new next-door neighbor, which makes things a bit more interesting.

Hopefully, the show continues to improve. We’re finally starting to get some layers. Peggy has feelings for Stark, but doubts as well. She’s getting some respect at work, at the same time she’s about to get busted for helping Stark. Her neighbor might be out to kill her. And maybe we’ll learn something new about Captain America. Will Stark get his name cleared? We will see.

B E Howard