Ready for the End of the World? Dig Premieres March 5

Dig, a new USA-network 10-episode series, will debut on Thursday, March 5. Starring Jason Isaacs and Anne Heche, the action thriller “tells the story of a murder mystery set against the backdrop of modern day Jerusalem, a city shrouded in ancient intrigue,” the USA network says.

FBI agent Peter Connelly (Isaacs, who may be best known as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series) has had his fair share of heartbreak. Anxious to leave his personal demons behind, Peter takes a job stationed in Israel under the guidance of his new boss and occasional lover, Lynn Monahan (Heche). When he sets out to solve the murder of a young American, Peter soon finds himself embroiled in an international mystery that delves into the Holy Land’s darkest secrets. What he discovers is a conspiracy thousands of years in the making that threatens to ¬†change the course of history. While Peter races to figure out what it all means, he quickly finds that he may not be the only one searching for answers.

Dig - Season 1

Dig - Season 1











Filmed in Croatia, Canada, and Israel, Dig promises stunning scenery and fascinating backdrops, including the actual ancient caves that are under the city of Jerusalem. Fans of Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series will recognize the tunnels from The Fallen Angel. Dig was allowed to film in the tunnels, but also recreated them for some of the show’s action sequences.

Several recent shows have focused on international politics (CBS’ Madame Secretary and NBC’s State of Affairs), but Dig will take that theme one step further, with the investigation into a prophecy of the end of the world.

Dig - Season 1

Executive Producer Gideon Raff

Dig - Season 1

Executive Producer Tim Kring

Created and executive produced by Tim Kring (Heroes) and Gideon Raff (Homeland), Dig has a great pedigree. Their previous outings are known for imaginative, gripping stories and excellent scripts. The plot weaves three interrelated narratives – one in New Mexico, one in Norway, and one in New Mexico. It’s a story of extreme faith, the power of belief, and international intrigue. To see a documentary on the making of this exciting show, click here.



Dig will be covered by Donna Cohrs, who write about The Walking Dead and¬†American Horror Story: Freak Show, and Erin Conrad, who covers Outlander and Dominion. We’re both very excited to see this production and to bring it to you!

Dig premieres on Thursday, March 5, 10 pm eastern/9 pm central

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