Supernatural: Review About a Boy or Let’s do the Time Warp Again

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Breadcrumbs! We are following a trail of bread crumbs to Rowena and the cure to the Mark of Cain. It is said the Devil is in the details, so I am remaining vigilant to see what the writer’s of Supernatural have to offer us over the next few weeks.

Bright flashes of light and smoldering clothes and disappearing ne’er-do-wells are the mystery of the hour. Sam coaxes Dean from the bunker to investigate a series of missing persons in Oregon.

After interviewing the sole witness to JP’s disappearance and determining that the claim of Aliens is all they are going to get the brothers decide to split up after a bit of hesitation from Dean. Sam heads to the victim’s house and Dean tests his will in the dive bar where the victim had last been seen.

The surly bartender serves Dean up a shot of something strong and we learn that Tina did not think JP was a jerk or a bad guy. Barflies stick together. While Dean takes a call from Sam, Tina wanders out of the bar only to be followed by a suspicious man in black. Dean sets out hard on her heels but is not in time to save her from the white light and as he turns to confront the man who followed Tina and then the white light consumes him as well.


There’s magic afoot. As Sam scopes out the bar and tries to call Dean on his cell phone, Dean is in a dungeon room staring into a mirror at the teenage version of himself. Insert expletive. Young Dean then becomes aware of a young girl and boy in the room next to his. Tina and JP. One mystery solved and another born. Sam discovers that the bartender is a thief and he finds plenty of yellow powder at the dumpster where Dean disappeared.

Back in the dungeon JP is taken away screaming leaving Tina and Dean wondering and feeling helpless. Except, Dean is still Dean and he starts the process of getting out of Dodge. In the end only one of them will make it out as the mystery man comes to collect Dean and drag him to the fate of JP. Tina let loose with panicked shrieks buying Dean just enough time to slip out of the window in his cell.


The brothers reunite when Dean knocks on their motel room door. A very bewildered Sam greets his new little brother Dean.   Youth does not stop Dean from being as salty as ever. Foul mouthed, chip on his shoulder ladies man Dean gets a bit of a comeuppance when he tries to drive the Impala only to realize he’s not only squashing his brother but he is too short to reach the pedals.

I am always amazed at the speeds the Winchesters travel. By all accounts the motel where the brothers were staying was not close to where Dean had been held captive and yet bada-bing bada-boom they are together again.


Back in the dungeon Dean is informed by Sam that he cannot slip through the window to help rescue Tina leaving Dean on his own while Sam searches for entry. Dean is cornered by the man in black but is saved when Sam appears to help even the odds. We learn that the man in black is Hansel and that he works for a witch who eats children.


Never rust a witch or her loyal minion.  The boys buy into the Hansel’s lie about wanting to be free of the witch since she made him eat his sister’s heart.  A likely sob story if I ever heard one.  The witch is a hideous hag who reveals she is searching for Rowena.  The brothers use this momentary common interest in Rowena to their advantage to over power Hansel (who lied to them) and turn Dean back into adult Dean then kill the witch and free TIna.

I did not mention the disappearing Mark of Cain because we all knew Dean would have to become adult Dean again and the Mark would return.  But now the boys know that the Grand Coven is searching for Rowena we shall see where this road takes us.

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