Supernatural: Review Halt and Catch Fire or Ghosts in the Machine

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Ghosts in the machine is what the guys were up against this week. Sam and Dean pull through it all and come out the other side stronger.


The story opens with a young couple, Billy and Janet, using their navigational software on their phones to find some spicy Mexican food when they find themselves on a closed for repairs bridge. The vengeful spirit takes over and sends the truck and the young man driving hurtling off a bridge and into the river below.


Sam and Dean decide to investigate the incident in Iowa after reading the reports on line that the young man’s girlfriend insisted the truck was possessed.


After they are brought up to speed by Janet, the girlfriend of the victim they determine that they need to get rid of the cursed object and they wrongly decide it is the truck of the deceased. They salt. They burn. Then they learn that another person has fallen victim to a bizarre technology related death.


They head over to the sorority house to determine what is going on and why their exorcism did not work. They speak with the room mate of the young woman who was killed and learn that the first victim, Billy was a member of Sigma Theta Delta and very well known and liked by all.


Puzzled Dean and Sam hit the cafeteria to compare notes and refine their course of action. And of course Dean partakes in the luxury of the multi-meal choice that college cafeterias offer.


As the guys follow up n the lead of checking addresses that have 810 in them they come across a woman removing flowers from the base of an electrical pole. After they questioned her they learn that her husband had died there in an auto accident shortly after they were married.


As the story begins to solidify we learn that Kyle and Delilah are the people who know what is going on and Delilah wants out. After she is sent away from Kyle’s room with a stern warning not to tell, we watch the ghost of Andrew kill Kyle. It s death by decibel as his brain is exploded with sound.


In a desperate attempt to save Delilah the brothers split up as Sam searches for the source of Andrew’s power and Dean protects Delilah. Dean opens up to Delilah about his sense of burden and his method for coping and moving on. It’s good to see all those psychology lectures from Sam have taken root.


We learn that Andrew is using wi-fi to manifest his power. The battle for the internet begins as Dean and Delilah race through the sorority house in effort to escape the omni present wireless connection. Sam discovers that Andrew’s widow Corrie has known about his mission but out of selfish desires she did not ell anyone so that she could keep her ghost lover around.


Love triumphs and healing begins as Corrie says goodbye to Andrew and he chooses to release his desire for revenge. Corrie and Delilah meet so that forgiveness and healing can take place within their lives as well.


And as the Winchester’s drive off into the sunset Dean reveals that regardless of the Mark of Cain he will continue to do what he loves, and that is helping people overcome their otherworldly woes.


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